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Mar 08

17 wins QuiBidders are clearly stoked about!

Posted by Matt Carney under Products, Testimonials

9 quibids auction wins legit

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since opening QuiBids for business in 2009, it’s that people love bargains. And I don’t mean that in the casual “Oh man I love these tacos”-sort of way. I’m talking full-on, jump-up-and-down, shout so loud when you when an auction that your neighbors check to make sure you’re OK love winning bargains on QuiBids.

Now we love when our customers win but we love it even more when they tell us what they won! Check out all these people who were clearly stoked by their big QuiBids wins!

1. If that’s Catherine’s favorite win to date then it must be impressive, as she’s been with us for some time now. Just a $399.99 Bose SoundDock for one Voucher Bid!

1 quibids auction win

2. $2.50 for a Lenovo monitor? Nice! Congrats Jehrrie!

2 quibids lenovo auction win

3. In addition to having a really cute kid, Sam got a waffle iron on QuiBids!

3 quibids auction win waffle maker

4. Woah, Karen’s hauled in a bunch of Cinepads, very impressive.

4 quibids auction win cinepad

5-6. David’s so psyched for his new 24-inch Asus LED Monitor and iPod Shuffle 4G that he made videos for each one!

7. Looks like you may have a fun picnic in the future Wendi. Awesome win!

11 quibids customer auction win legit

8. Woah, you won a MyMuvi FaceCam HD on QuiBids? And made an unboxing video about it? Wait — how did you shoot the video if the camera was in the box the whole time…?

9. Turtle Beach headphones  for $0.62? You’re a QuiBids auction champ, dude.

10. Looks like this guy made a killing on QuiBids. Well done!

11. What do you think’s worth more — the gift card or the Gameplay?

5 quibids auction win cabelas gift card

12-13. This customer’s going to be making smoothies in between gift card-funded dinners at a handful of restaurants!

6 quibids gift card auction win chilis

7 quibids smoothie maker auction win

14. Laura here got a whole kitchen delivered!


15. Congratulations Jai — thanks for sharing your first QuiBids win with us! We’re so excited for you!

16. Wow, these are just a few Amanda? Can’t imagine how much QuiBids stuff you’ve got around the house!

9 quibids auction wins legit

17. Oh look, more from Amanda. She’s a boss.10 quibids auction win legit