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Aug 23

11 products to make you look and feel beautiful.

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

11 Personal Care Products on QuiBids

When’s the last time you went to a salon or spa?  Paying for your monthly trips to the salon can quickly start to put a dent in your wallet.  Whether you’re getting a standard hair cut, your hair colored and styled, a facial or manicure, or your getting extensions, the costs can range anywhere from $20 to between $400 and $500, depending on your stylist.

We want help you feel just as beautiful as you would going to a salon/spa, but without the recurring costs that goes along with it. Below, we’ve found some of the most popular personal care products available now in auctions or in the QuiBids Store.

Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Massage Chair on QuiBids

Enjoy ultimate relaxation with this Panasonic Massage Chair. This chair will help to relax your muscles, stimulate acupoints for increased energy flow, and temporarily increase your circulation. Buy it from the QuiBids Store and get 200 Free Bids with your purchase!

Pretika Oxy Hand Spa System

Hand spa on QuiBids

Your busy hands need to be pampered every once in a while. The ultrasonic oxygenated warm (or cool) hydrating mists saturates your skin with moisture to stay smooth and supple. This hand spa will also help alleviate dry/itchy skin and redness.

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Professional Hair Dryer

Twin Turbo Hair Dryer on QuiBids

This hair dryer will dry your hair… Go figure! But we all know how horrible our hair looks if we let it “air dry.” So when you need to decrease the wetness in your hair, this product will do the job, and do it fast.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Portable Hair Dryer

portable ionic hair dryer on QuiBids

This salon-style hair dryer is on wheels, so you can roll it around to the perfect spot for fast, hair-drying action.

Hot Tools Ionic Pink Titanium Hair Dryer

Pink professional hairdryer on QuiBids

This professional-quality hair dryer super durable and used by hair stylists all who want to be viewed as the best in the business.

Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

conair infiniti flat iron on QuiBids

This Tourmaline flat iron can take heavy-duty jobs and straighten out the most frustrating hair.

Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hot Rollers

quick heating hot rollers on QuiBids

Don’t set aside curled hair for special occasions! This Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Hairsetter is quick to heat and gentle on your hair, making it easy to curl hair every day of the year!

Conair You Wrap and Wave Ceramic Styler

Conair Curler on QuiBids

Use this Conair Ceramic Styler to create various types of hair styles like spiral and oval curls. You can produce fast and easy styles with no kinks!

Conair Foot Bath with Bubbles and Heat

Conair foot bath on QuiBids

You use them every day. So when your feet start feeling tired and achy, slip them into the soothing comfort of this exceptional foot bath and feel all the tension from the day melt away.

Conair Facial Sauna System

QuiBids Facial Sauna System

Ever wanted to get a facial in the comfort of your own home? This Conair Facial Sauna System uses gentle steam to open clogged pores and rejuvenate skin. Buy it from the QuiBids Store and receive 3 Free Bids!

Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

Heated eyelash curler on QuiBids

Everyone wants long luscious eyelashes, but not everyone can have them – unless, of course, you have one of these heated eyelash curlers. Buy it from the QuiBids Store for $14.99 and receive 2 FREE Bids!

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