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Aug 17

13 things you could do with the Unlocked iPhone 4S you won on QuiBids!

Posted by Matt Carney under Products


We got so excited about the Unlocked iPhone 4S’s debut on QuiBids that our social media guy Blake Brown and I put our heads together to come up with a list of things you can do with such an awesome product.

We’re both iPhone guys —I’ve only got an iPhone 4, though— and we’re wild about them. They’re terrific products that enable a previously unrivaled level of handy, everyday convenience. But you can also do some pretty wacky stuff that you might not have known about, too.

So here it is, our list of 13 things you could do with the Unlocked iPhone 4S you won on QuiBids! You might be surprised by some of the things Siri can help you out with.

1. You could revive a stunned bird!

Yes, this actually happened.

2. You could win Words With Friends … for all time.

And if you haven’t check it out yet, we’ve got a brand-new QuiBids Game for you to play: Word Scramble!

3. You could write your first novel.

Apps like Simplenote and Evernote turn your iPhone into a desk with a typewriter, but with tons more capabilities that make editing and organizing your copy really easy!

4. You could stop a robbery!

Andy Griffith-style: “Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arrest!

5. You could travel the country taking amazing photographs.

Photography’s much more about finding the ideal lighting than using the most expensive equipment. Both are ideal, but with good lighting, the iPhone 4S sure takes some mean photos. Further evidence below.

6.You could also be sure to take a really cool photo of an Oklahoma storm and then watch as it spreads viral across the Internet.

Oklahoma Rainbow Storm By Blake Brown

Kinda like this pic that Blake took on his iPhone 4s back in February!  It was even featured on Good Morning America:

7. You could buy this ridiculously great NES-themed cover.

Because what good is an un-swagged-out iPhone?

8. You could heat your hands up in the cold!

Errrr…well…you could warm the cockles of your heart with this app, I guess.

9. You could ask Siri questions with clearly obvious answers, just like Zooey Deschanel!

How this goofy commercial ever got greenlighted in the first place, I have no idea. Poor Siri: “Yes, Zooey of course it’s rain! All it took to figure it out was looking out your window why must you bother me with your silly questions all the time!”

10. You could throw a pretty sweet miniature rave!

It might not be useful for a venue larger than —say— your hallway closet, but this app sure looks like a lot of fun to have on hand.

11. You could avoid locking yourself out of your car!

Talk about your practical smartphone apps! I paid a towing service $70 to let me back into my car last year. Just think if I’d have put that money into my phone!

12. You could buy donuts for your entire office!

This would make you very popular very quickly at QuiBids.

13. And lastly you could…possibly…get pregnant!

Or at least try your best to.