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Jan 31

See what’s new for the Top QuiBidders promotion in 2014!

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests

Top QuiBidders - QuiBids Leaderboard Promo

UPDATE (2015-01-21): We have removed the leaderboard and changed the ways you can win rewards. Learn more here

Based on your comments, we’ve made some slight tweaks to the scoring of the Top QuiBidders Leaderboard.  The original Top QuiBidders blog post has been updated with the new details, but we’ve also put them together in this post to help you better understand the changes taking place as of February 1, 2014.  Continue reading to learn more.

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How to earn Top QuiBidder points

As always, you can still earn +1 TQ point every time you like or comment on one of our posts, or posts from another user on our page. However, you can also earn bonus points for the following activity (updated with new scoring).

1. Pics of you with your wins. 

You can always post pictures of you with your wins, but if you want to earn the maximum amount of TQ points, then be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Your face and product must be visible in the photo.
  • Tell us your experience (and savings) when winning or BNing (using Buy Now) the auction.
  • NEW: Bonus points will be awarded only to one photo per person every four hours .

When these photos are posted back-to-back, they can muddy up the other conversations happening on our page. To prevent this, we ask that you only submit one of these types of photos every four hours. If you post multiple within the four hour time frame, then you’ll only receive bonus points for one of these posts. Also, we’ve upped the amount of bonus TQ points for this type of activity. Now you can earn 10-100 bonus points for this!

2. Product Reviews

To earn the maximum amount of points for product reviews posted on our Facebook page, please observe the following:

  • Take a photo of the product being used and post it on our page.
  • Include a detailed review in the photo description
  • NEW: Bonus points awarded for one review per person per day.

Now you can earn 1-50 TQ points for posting product reviews. The better your review is, the more points you can earn!

3. Video Testimonials.

For those times when you need more than a picture, we also love receiving video testimonials. To get the most TQ points for your video, please observe the following:

  • Speak clearly so we can understand you.
  • Make sure your face is completely visible in the video.
  • Make sure product(s) are visible and give as much detail as you’d like about your experience winning them.
  • NEW: Bonus points are limited to one video per day per person.

Now you can earn 10-150 TQ Points for posting a video testimonial!

4. Be helpful

We will now give more points to those who take the time to create truly meaningful posts. This includes giving helpful responses to questions or concerns posted by others on our page, or just sharing a bit of advice you’ve picked up while being a QuiBidder. The more meaningful it is, the more points you can earn.

Now you can earn up to 100 TQ points for this type of activity.

NOTE: We will no longer be awarding bonus points for the following activities:

  • Sharing the URL of a good win you come across. This can be an easy way to earn points that doesn’t create much value for our Facebook fans. However, we still encourage you to share URLs of auctions that YOU have won. It’s okay to brag!
  • Posting nice things about other users. Please continue to have friendly dialogue and post nice comments to each other, but we will no longer award bonus points for this activity.

How to lose Top QuiBidders points

Our goal is to have a page people can go to to engage in meaningful dialogue about bidding, in addition to sharing successes and assisting others when needed. We want to always continue to grow our Q community on Facebook as a way to provide value to our customers, and certain types of posts can prevent other users from having the best possible experience on our page. Keep in mind that a lot of these are still allowed on our page, they just don’t add as much value and could result in removal of TQ points. If you don’t mind to lose TQ points, then by all means post away (as long as you still follow our Facebook page guidelines of course).

NEW: We will no longer remove points for negative posts as long as they are…

  • About QuiBids and not a particular individual.
  • Constructive. Instead of saying “I hate QuiBids,” say something that will let us know how we can improve, like “I hate that QuiBids doesn’t have product X yet.”

If you are reporting collusion, suspected users with multiple wins, or any other complaints against another user, please send us a Facebook message with any evidence you have and we will act accordingly. Posting this information on Facebook will have your post deleted and TQ points removed.

We’ve increased the potential amount of points you can lose for these posts. And for sake of brevity, we are just listing them below with the new points totals. If you’d like more detail about what’s included in each type of activity, please refer to our original article here.

  • Irrelevant photos (Up to -10 TQ points)
  • Negative posts about other QuiBidders (Up to -100 TQ points and your post could be hidden)
  • Pointless or duplicate stuff (Up to -25 points and your post could be hidden)
  • Curse words, spam, or personal attacks (Up to -100 TQ points and your post could be hidden)
  • Information that can’t be found on our website (Up to -50 TQ points and your post could be hidden)

Finally, we’re considering turning off the Fan of the Day feature, but we want your opinion first. So please take a second to answer our poll below, and be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think of the updates!

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