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Nov 21

3 reasons to start your holiday shopping with QuiBids right now!

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Site Features


Happy Thanksgiving QuiBidders!

We hope you’re enjoying some time with the folks you care about most this holiday —in fact, most of us are out of our Oklahoma City office doing exactly that at the moment— carving turkeys, and just generally enjoying some relaxation time. Around here we like to think of it as the quiet before the storm, as the holiday season’s our busiest and most exciting time of the year!

With Black Friday starting up tomorrow, we realize that many of you are probably considering heading out to your local Walmart or Best Buy to snag some cheap televisions, tablets, and all other manner of toys. Aside from better-than-Black Friday deals going on in QuiBids auctions every day, we’ve got a few really good reasons why you should stay inside and do your holiday shopping with us instead, starting right now!

1. Free shipping!

There’s a reason why this is reason #1! Free shipping translates to free money, and it’s back for the holiday season! But this deal only lasts until the end of November, so take advantage while it’s here! Our current free shipping deal covers all products purchased from QuiBids, whether they were won at auction, purchased via Buy Now, or bought at the QuiBids Store. Speaking of which…

2. Earn Voucher Bids by buying from the QuiBids Store!

You might have heard that we unveiled QuiBids Store —our newest site feature— last week. Aside from being a super-convenient way to shop for Christmas gifts, you also earn totally free Voucher Bids with every purchase.

So why not supplement your auction game with some extra Voucher Bids and buy from us the stuff you would’ve bought at Best Buy or whatever?

3. Earn the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Badge!

We’ve got a special-occasion Black Friday/Cyber Monday badge just for the holiday! You earn it by spending $100 or more with us in a single checkout. That covers Bid Pack purchases, auction wins, Buy Nows, and purchases from the Store. The Badge unlocks a free Gameplay, which are usually worth about 30 or so Voucher Bids, though if you check the Top Scores board over at QuiBids Games (you must be logged in to view this page), you’ll see that customers recently scored 100 Voucher Bids on a single Gameplay. Gameplays can pay off big!

Read here for more information about QuiBids’ shipping practices, and don’t forget to check out QuiBids on Facebook! And happy bidding this holiday season!