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Nov 15

5 reasons why QuiBids is the world’s best bidding site!

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Sure there are a ton of bidding sites out there to choose from. But when it comes to your money, QuiBids is the only place worth bidding. Yes, we realize that as one of these many bidding sites, we’re not exactly unbiased. But take a minute to let us make our case for why bidding on QuiBids is superior to bidding anywhere else and decide for yourself!

So, without further ado, here are our five reasons for why QuiBids is the world’s best bidding site!

1. Buy Now!

It’s how we got ahead of the competition in the first place! Before QuiBids, bidding on an auction was pretty risky: There wasn’t a guaranteed way of getting back the money you’d spent on bids on some of those old sites like Swoopo. But because of Buy Now the worst-case scenario for bidding on QuiBids is that you’re going to wind up purchasing a brand-new product at a competitive retail price. Best case? Well, let’s just say that one bid is all it takes to win an auction.

2. We’ve got the best selection out there!

As far as bidding sites go, QuiBids’ product selection is unmatched. It’s also growing! Thanks to our new multiple-product auction format, customers can now shop tens of thousands of products instead of just hundreds. How many other sites out there offer the thrill of bidding on this many different products? (We’ll give you a hint: They’re mostly traditional retailers!)

3. There’s so much more!

Bidding aside, there’s a ton of stuff to do on QuiBids. Sure, bidding is the basic service that we provide but you can also play QuiBids Games and win Gameplays (which earn you totally-free Voucher Bids), earn Badges (again, for Voucher Bids), and we’re always giving stuff away and hosting contests through our many social media channels and official promotions!

4. The bidding. Doesn’t. Stop.

24 hours a day, seven days a week, bidders are bidding at QuiBids. The site doesn’t stop, literally. There’s no waiting around for the next auction to start because they’re always running!

5. QuiBids is secure!

No, we don’t mean like emotionally secure. (Though we totally are you guys, we swear we only cried at the end of Titanic that first time we saw it…) More like “secure” in the Internet “You won’t get your email account spammed by African princes who need help with their mortgages” sense. More about QuiBids’ security in our Help section and some tips about what you can do to ensure the safety of your account from your end can be read here!

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