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Feb 26

6 problems you won’t run into on QuiBids

Posted by Matt Carney under News

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Every online auction site has its problems, but here at QuiBids we’ve done our best to respond to customers’ recommendations and ideas at every turn because we think that keeping an open dialogue will help naturally improve and build on our business and attract the dedicated sort of customers we seek. But you guys —who use the site the most and tune into the blog on the regular— know what you get when you come to QuiBids, so the question I want to pose today is this:

What kind of problems are you sidestepping when you bid and Buy Now with us?

It helps to compare and contrast different sites’ services from time to time just to keep things in perspective. So let’s see what-all sorts of problems you don’t have to deal with on QuiBids!

1. Sketchy sellers
While eBay’s a useful service, it sets you up to deal with individualized sellers and not all of them have great reputations for doing business. It’s a small percentage for sure, but because eBay enables so many transactions in a single day that they can’t monitor every single auction to verify that the merchandise isn’t counterfeit, faulty, broken, or stolen. Some sellers have cut corners in small ways too, by misrepresenting the cost of shipping and using bulk shipping prices to mask higher costs, and still others will just flat-out defraud you via wire transfer.

We do it differently at QuiBids. Instead of hooking you up with another seller, we just ship you the product directly from the vendor we’re partnered with. That requires trust in our brand, which we back with a pretty extensive Shipping & Returns policy and a good record of business!

2. Shipping charges (in the US, at least)
We picked up the bills on all shipping charges in the US of A! Sorry to our other markets out there — we’re working toward providing you with the same deal!

3. Fake bidders
All the bids placed on QuiBids are 100% legitimate. We don’t employ people to bid up prices, nor have we built little algorithms into our system to automatically program a bid whenever you’re about to win a big product for real cheap. We don’t even allow our own immediate family members or roommates to bid on the site in order to preserve its sanctity, which is actually a point of contention with a few of my own family members who really want to experience QuiBids for themselves but alas cannot.

4. Shabby or used products
All our stuff is unused, brand-new, and fresh from the box. We don’t deal in secondhand or older-edition products: QuiBids has the latest, most exciting retail products on the market.

5. Sketchy business practices
The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma accredits QuiBids with an A-minus rating and Grant Thornton found reasonable assurance for several of the big claims we make (like that we let you use the Buy Now for up to two hours after the auction you participated in is over, that we don’t fake bids, yada yada yada), so you can rest at ease knowing we’re an honest, thorough business.

6. Slow, impersonal customer service
The QuiBids Customer Support team is second to none! To date, they’ve resolved over a million tickets from customers, 91% at first touch. They’re always there waiting to LiveChat, exchange emails, or talk on the phone!

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