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Mar 27

6 things you can use My QuiBids for that you probably forgot about

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features, Tips & Strategy

Computer confusion.

Before we get started, reading this blog post about My QuiBids will go a lot smoother if you’re signed in to QuiBids. So let’s all take a second to go to the login page and do that. I’ll wait.




OK, let’s proceed. Sometimes, when faced by the sheer enormity of resources available to us online at any given time, we forget about some of the more useful ones, especially if we don’t use them on a day-to-day basis. Refresh your memory with some of the more obscure functions available to you on My QuiBids, the most basic —and important!— feature on our site.

What is My QuiBids?
Put short, My QuiBids is where you go to manage your QuiBids account. Some of your more common uses for it are to check your Watchlist, to monitor your auction limits, and to change your registered email and/or password. My QuiBids isn’t to be confused with the QBar which is more like the dashboard in your car; it’s always down there when you’re out in the QuiBids Store or searching for auctions, ready for you to purchase more bids or contact Customer Support.

Cool, My QuiBids sounds like a useful tool! What else can you do with it?
I’m glad you asked. Here are some things that QuiBids customers can use it for beyond the usual day-to-day upkeep.

1. Redeem a Coupon

Every so often we’ll give out coupon codes for totally free Voucher Bids (we did it not too long back for QuiBids Facebook likers in honor of reaching 200,000 likes), and this is the section where you go to punch them in. Cashing in Free Bids is as easy as clicking Apply!

2. Stay up on your Bid Credit History

Ever log in to your account just to find that some of your Voucher Bids expired? Monitor your Bid Credit History to make sure that those Voucher Bids never go to waste.

3. Plot your QuiBids Badges progress

Some of our fabulous QuiBids Badges don’t take a whole lot to win — they’re basically free Voucher Bids just waiting for you to scoop up. Use the My Badges tab to see which ones you can earn and calculate how many bids they’ll net you.

4. Track your Game Activity

Ever wonder which of your favorite QuiBids Games are most lucrative? My QuiBids tracks your Game Activity so you can go back and see which game you played that one time when you won 85 Voucher Bids. You can also go there to see how many Gameplays you’ve got in stock.

5. You can hide your bidding location

You know how it says where you’re bidding from if you hover your cursor over the Bidding History section of an auction page? Well in the My Profile box under the My Account tab you can select Yes after Hide My Location, and other QuiBidders will only be able to see what country you’re in while you’re going at it in auctions.

6. Use your Refer a Friend

Here’s where you go to get your unique referral code. Refer a Friend is one of the best ways to get Free Bids on QuiBids, as it pays out 25 Voucher Bids per referral.

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