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Jan 23

7 ways QuiBids is different from eBay

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy

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Though we both qualify as online auction sites, QuiBids and eBay differ in a lot of ways. I’m sure this distinction is small potatoes to eBay as it’s a much larger, publicly traded, multi-national startup that reported over $14 billion —yep, that’s billion, with a B— in 2012, but it’s a bigger deal for us. Since they’re the world leader in online auctioning, our site is often judged by their much more publicized standard. Ever try to explain QuiBids to a friend? You almost always start with “Well, it’s kinda like eBay, except…” don’t you? It’s OK, we do it too.

So it’s important to bear in mind that our auction format is fundamentally different from eBay’s, and that you shouldn’t approach QuiBids with the same strategy for winning that you used there, ’cause it’s not going to work and you’re probably just going to wind up getting frustrated. So to avoid that, here are our seven ways that QuiBids differs from eBay.

1. First, and of utmost importance: Our auction format is pay-to-play!
Among almost everybody we’ve spoken to who’s ever been confused by QuiBids, this is the reason why. “But that’s not how eBay works,” is what they say, almost complaining. Well, tough noogies, that’s just how it is. QuiBidders buy bids in Bid Packs and once they place the bids in an auction, they’re gone. This is a stark difference to eBay, where only the bidder who bid highest actually spends any money. But don’t worry, there’s always the Buy Now waiting for you if you get too deep into an auction without winning. Oh, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody at eBay nabbing stuff like televisions for 90% off.

2. QuiBids products are always brand-new and factory-sealed.
Do we carry fewer products than eBay? Yes. But we also don’t carry secondhand stuff, vintage stuff, old versions of stuff, or re-sold stuff. Everything won at a QuiBids auction (or purchased at the QuiBids Store or through Buy Now, so basically, everything you can acquire from our site) is fresh off the showroom floor, so to speak. There’s never any need to worry about shabby product, and if something gets shipped to you damaged or defective then we’ve got a policy to take care of it.

3. There’s no minimum ending price on QuiBids.
On eBay, there’s often a minimum price required for the item to sell. A guarantee that the independent seller will make some amount of money, in other words. On QuiBids, all items are guaranteed to sell once they’re live on the site. That means that it’s not unheard of for customers to walk away with a brand-new product worth a couple hundred bucks just for spending one timely bid. Some say that this is the “draw” of our service. We agree with them.

4. Shipping on QuiBids is getting better. eBay’s is kinda streaky.
Because many of eBay’s sellers are just regular people like you and me, shipping can get kinda complicated. People short postage from time to time, sometimes intentionally, sometimes as an honest mistake. But we just announced free shipping for U.S. customers and since we handle that stuff professionally your peace of mind is ensured.

5. There’s a lot more to QuiBids than just auctions.
We’ve got a whole section of QuiBids devoted to games (Get ready for this: It’s called QuiBids Games) that you play for Voucher Bids. We’ve also got QuiBids Badges for you to earn as you go along, and of course, there’s also QuiBids Store now, where you can purchase products at retail pricing, plus the incentive of Voucher Bids added to every purchase!

6. You don’t have to sign up for PayPal. Or any other service!
eBay requires all transactions be carried out through PayPal, another e-commerce business that it owns. Juggling multiple accounts and remembering all those passwords is a pain, so we spare you of it by keeping QuiBids as simple as possible.

7. QuiBids isn’t a publicly traded company.
We’re a small company —about 150 employees total— based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we own ourselves. That means there’s no board of directors that we have to answer to. Our five-man executive team calls the shots, and they were the dudes who built QuiBids in the first place, so they’ve got a clear vision for where our company should be going, not some suited investors who are looking for a big return on the money they invested.