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Sep 24

A Practical Guide to Creating Your QoW Entry – Be the Best #QoW You Can Be!

Posted by Valerie German under Contests, Tips & Strategy

How to create your QoW Entry

So you’ve won a product you want to enter the QoW contest. What now?

The rules for the contest can be found in our blog post here. But sometimes, it helps to have examples you can refer back to or get ideas from. We’ll also walk you through how to put together your #QoW entry!

You need only two things:

  • A photo or video
  • A description

That doesn’t sound bad, does it? Keep reading for tips on how to make the best possible QuiBidder of the Week entry to boost your chances at winning 90 free bids.

Part 1 – The Photo or Video

Your photo or video is what is going to catch everyone’s attention. There’s a few key guidelines to follow here.

  • Include your smiling face in the photo/video.
  • Make sure there is good lighting and your photo is not too dark, nor too bright.
  • Make sure the picture isn’t blurry and your face is clearly visible.
  • Make sure you and the product(s) are completely visible visible.

Here’s what that looks like.

Visual guide to a good QoW Photo

A few more tips for your photo entry:

  • Try to take your picture in a clear area. It lets us focus better on your or your win!
  • Try to avoid bright lights from windows or lamps in the photo. That can make it difficult for your phone or camera to focus on you when taking the picture.
  • Try not to crop the photos too small or too tight. We’ll still love them! But it makes it harder to use your smiling faces in our banners.

Part 2 – The Description

Remember, this part is just as important as the photo or video! We want to know all about your win. It doesn’t need to be long or overly detailed, but there are a few important items you need to include:

  • A brief description of your experience winning the product
  • A review of the product
  • The #QoW hashtag

#QoW Hashtag

You can write us a simple description of your win, or get as creative as you like. Here’s some things to keep in mind that will help you write your description:

  • Tell us a story! Why did you want the item?
  • Describe your experience winning the item
  • Describe your first use or first impressions
  • What stands out about the item now that you have used it?
  • Is there anything you want QuiBids or other users to know about the item?

Now that you know what makes a good description. What makes a poor description?

Poor description examples

Remember, a review doesn’t have to be a glowing positive endorsement of your product win. What we do need is it to be honest. It helps us as a company better our offerings to you and it helps your fellow community members make informed bidding decisions.

A #QoW Example

Combine the photo or video and description and you’re done! You have a post to share with us and the community!

Here’s an example we’ve made based on everything we’ve discussed above to show you what it all looks like when put together.

QoW Example

Some of our favorite QuiBidder of the Week entries

We’d like to share some previous entries to the QuiBidder of the Week contest. Each of these entries fits the criteria we’ve discussed above.

Connie got a little creative with her photo and broke it into segments to show more information than she could get in a single photo. Her description tells us both about her win and what she thinks of the product so far.

Catherine displays her wins front and center. She describes her wins and also what she plans to do with them.

Vincent tells us about the great week he’s had bidding and the several products he’s won. He also offers advice to other QuiBidders.

Cricket shares a video with us that discusses her thinking both before she bid and walks us through a detailed review of the product.

Steve got creative with his photo – opting for a pouting flour covered face to show off his win. His picture tells a story before you even read the description.

Do you want your Facebook posts featured on our blog as the next QuiBidder of the Week? If your posts are chosen, you’ll be named QoW and will receive 90 free bids! Learn more about the QuiBidder of the Week contest here.


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