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Mar 14

A quick look at QuiBids’ upcoming charitable initiatives

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quibids charity regional food bank

Our corporate home’s in Oklahoma City and ever since QuiBids’ 2009 inception we’ve done what we can to ensure that we keep that connection to our hometown strong by investing in non-profit and charitable work around the city. Sometimes that’s meant partnering with larger initiatives via corporate sponsorship (this, we’ve learned, sometimes means you gotta put on a coat and tie) and others it’s just been contributing to specific campaigns doing good work around Oklahoma City.

Above: Several QuiBids employees load up a truck with non-perishable food to be donated to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma in December 2012.

But what we like best is getting outside for some fresh air and fun, and our idea of fun usually involves a little bit of sweat, or leaving the office for a few hours at the very least. So we’ve made big plans for this spring to do all of the above. Check out some of QuiBids’ charity initiatives for the next couple of months! And please note that we verify all the non-profit and charity organizations we work with so any and all money donated will go directly to fund their missions in the Oklahoma City community.

Health Dash

What is it?
A road race with a one-mile walk, 5k, and 10k options.

What’s its purpose?
The Health Dash will benefit the St. Charles-McAuley Clinic, a west Oklahoma City (it’s actually located in Warr Acres, a small suburb) free clinic that provides general, dermatological- and diabetes-related care for about 20-30 uninsured patients per week.

Who puts it on?
The OU Community Health Alliance, an organization of University of Oklahoma medical students who, through volunteerism, provide better health care in Oklahoma City.

What’s QuiBids donating?
We’re not actually sponsoring this race but QuiBids is paying its employees entry fees, so we’re trying to get as many employees out for this as possible!

Grocery shopping spree

quibids charitable nonprofit regional food bank

What is it?
We’re sponsoring trips to an Oklahoma City-area grocery store for a couple families that could use a little help.

What’s its purpose?
We’re just helping some folks who are having a rough go of it. We did this with a few families last year and they told us the additions to their budget helped them to start freezing food and saving it for further out. The Food Bank’s director of development told us that it “allowed them to save money and buy their kids clothes.”

Who puts it on?
We’re partnering with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma again to get in touch with these families and spend the afternoon with them.

What’s QuiBids donating?
Just time from about 20 employees and some money for these families to buy groceries.

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

What is it?
The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was first run in 2001 and is staffed completely by volunteers in order to provide more financial support to the mission of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

What’s its purpose?
The Memorial and Museum are dedicated to the memory of those lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Because the Memorial and Museum are private, non-profit organizations they don’t receive any operating funds from the government. The Marathon is their big annual fundraiser.

Who puts it on?
The people of Oklahoma City! The Marathon is operated by OKC Marathon Inc., which is a corporation that has no paid staff. It functions on volunteer work by thousands of Oklahomans to put on the marathon each year, and we’re excited to join up with them in 2013!

What’s QuiBids donating?
We’re paying to sponsor a water stop around mile 20 or so in partnership with Walgreens, and we’re also staffing it with volunteers to help cool off thirsty runners!

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