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Mar 17

A Trip to Austin for SXSW

Posted by QuiBids under Events, News, QuiBids Employees

Earlier this week was a very informational, learning intensive and fun-filled couple of days we spent at the SXSW Conference.  We took part in the Interactive sector of the conference and spent the majority of our time at The Buffalo Lounge, which was located on infamous 6th Street.

On Day one, we checked out the tradeshow… lots of amazing and forward-thinking companies, if we say so ourselves.  One company we had fun with in particular was AOL. They had a setup outside of the tradeshow, in the convention center, promoting one of their new services we all signed up for, including getting some fun profile pictures taken.  There were too many speakers to count or keep track of, but know they were all awesome!

Monday night in The Buffalo Lounge, was OpenBeta6.  About 14 Oklahoma-based companies gave a 5 minute presentation on their service and where they see it going in the future.  QuiBids CEO Matt Beckham, got up and gave his presentation to the crowd on QuiBids and where he sees it going.  After that, we took part in the networking that followed and listened to a rather stellar DJ, of course from OK!  Tuesday night was a party infusing some great OK musicians – way to bring home the interactive piece of SXSW!!

Overall, SXSW was a total blast.  We look forward to next year’s 2012 SXSW Conference and who knows, maybe we’ll host our own venue?!