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Jan 07

A Year Ahead, After a Year’s End

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No more Holiday tree, lights, decorations or candy canes… We’re sad to see 2010 go, BUT we’re pumped for 2011!  We’ve got quite a lot in store this year, one filled with new features and changes at QuiBids.  Don’t get discouraged about the word ‘change.’  We know some people don’t like change, but we really think you all will enjoy what we have in store.

In 2010, we brought you new auction formats such as Hybrid and Limit Buster auctions.  In addition to the auction formats, we held some special higher-end auctions including a Honda Civic Coupe LX and a trip for two to Hawaii.  We had several Caribbean cruise auctions too!  Where else could you receive a 4-5 Day cruise for $8?!  Next up, we launched Achievements, a.k.a. Badges.  This is a feature special to us that rewards You for your various achievements on our site.  Your reward – free bids of course!  Then there was a start to this company blog – it was created to give You a more personal and inside look into our company, our people and what we’re doing in and around our community.  We hope you’re getting to know us a little better!

Our first Featured Auction of the Week was actually composed on Christmas Day to kick off our weekly featured products!  All the Featured Auctions are higher-priced products or packages/bundles of products that are sure to put a smile on the winner’s face.  Don’t forget, if you participate in this auction and don’t win, utilize Buy it Now!

Last but certainly not least, the last week in December, we softly launched the QBar. This particular feature was developed to make it easier to win on QuiBids.  It can be seem at the bottom of your QuiBids screen upon logging in.  Be sure to check out its multiple components!

In 2011, we’re planning for growth, social media and a few other things that are up our sleeves.  You’ll know them when you see them… or when you hear about them from us!  You may even see us at a conference in your city!

Be sure to check back in from time to time as we continue to get new items on the site everyday!  Stay subscribed to our weekly emails to stay ‘in the know’ and to be the first to check out the Featured Auctions!

Happy New Year in 2011!