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Apr 18

Above and Beyond Employees: Anthony Brown

Posted by Matt Carney under QuiBids Employees


Each month, we get to honor a couple of QuiBids employees whose work rises above and beyond our expectations and delivers tangible, high-quality results that directly improve customers’ experiences shopping on our site. For the month of March it was Anthony Brown, who’s one of our very best compliance representatives! His job requires that he’s logged into our system every day, making sure that QuiBids users are following the rules, and that nobody’s using banned software to gain advantage over other bidders on the site, or defraud our system.That means he works to keep us and you safe from what we’ll call “bidders of ill intent.”

Plus, he’s also a super-cool dude in his own right! Get to know Anthony a little better here with this month’s Above and Beyond Employee interview, below.

1. What’s your preferred breakfast cereal?
I have two favorites actually. Fruity Pebbles and Cookie Crisp.

2. We realize that being this month’s Above and Beyond Employee is a huge deal (obviously) but hit us with a significant outside-of-work personal achievement that’s almost as good.
Well nothing special, but I would have to say not receiving any sort of speeding ticket or violation in 8 years.

3. Fill in the blank: If I had access to $5 million and a Ferrari for 72 hours, I would ______.
First, I’d buy my mom a new house and my siblings all new cars, then I would get all my Facebook friends to have a timed race in my Ferrari around a racetrack, and the 15 fastest people would get to go with me to Vegas, my treat.

4. Nickname(s)?
Way too many but the main ones are TBiddy, TBone, BonyT, TBird and Downtown Tony Brown.

5. Latest pop culture faves: TV show? Movie? Book? YouTube video?
My favorite TV shows are True Blood and Game of Thrones. Don’t really have a favorite movie, I just prefer comedy or action. My friends make fun of me all the time because I’ve read the Twilight books…I’m not ashamed.  Any kind of bloopers reel or gag reel are my favorite YouTube video.

6. Favorite online distraction at work?
Fantasy sports.

7. Tell us about somebody who had a really meaningful and positive impact in your life.
My mother. She has always been there for me. She is my idol and my hero.  She taught me how to be a man, how to always treat people with respect no matter what and to always look for the best in people.

8. Athlete you admired the most when you were a kid?
I was big into baseball so I would say Ken Griffey Jr. I had his video game, his jersey number and his shoes.

9. Which Hollywood star plays you in the film about your life?
The Rock. Mainly because all of the ladies love him so they would definitely go see my movie. But he is an athlete and loves sports just as much as I do so I’m sure he could do the role pretty easy.

10. “Soda,” “pop,” “soda pop,” or is it all “Coke” to you?
Pop. I cant stand the word “soda,” and just saying “Coke” is way too confusing.  Plus I’m not a fan of Coke either.


  1. I also was the biggest fan of “Junior” and had the shoes too !
    Ken Griffey Jr. is my al time favorite player for the Seattle Mariners