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May 31

Above and Beyond Managers: Mike Domingos

Posted by Matt Carney under QuiBids Employees


Each month at QuiBids we get to celebrate a particular manager or employee whose work steps up above and beyond what’s expected of them and achieves that rare, particular balance between quantity and innovation: working hard while working smart.

This month it’s Mike Domingos, who’s our director of strategic sourcing! Mike spends his time building relationships with suppliers so we can offer you the most competitive retail prices we can! He also drinks enough coffee each day to keep a whole stable of horses caffeinated. Here’s your chance to get to know him!

Where did you work before QuiBids?
I have been a principle in seven companies over the last few decades. Primarily involved in the food business with a focus on manufacturing, processing, distribution, sales, marketing and merchandising of products sold globally. Other ‘side’ companies included a house restoration company and a coffee company. Just prior to QuiBids, for eight years I owned a consulting company with a focus on moving companies from third-tier buying practices to first-tier procurement, which ties in very well with QuiBids as does much of my background. Clients included major companies like the MGM/Mirage Resorts out of Las Vegas. I also worked closely with the FDA and FBI intermittently for a period in 2008 and 2009 on projects focused on Agro-Terrorism.  I have always enjoyed variety in my work efforts and QuiBids provides that in a fun and exciting manner!

How many mugs of coffee do you think you drink in a given week? Give us your best casual estimate.
I drink at least eight mugs of coffee every day.  I am typically up by 5:30 a.m. and in the office well before 7:00. Fortunately recent news states that men who drink five cups of coffee each day will reduce their potential for diabetes II by 50%, so now I don’t let people tell me I drink too much coffee!

You’re a Disney Land enthusiast. What’s your favorite attraction out there?
I’ve been to Disney Land well over 50 times and Disney World about 4 times. Indiana Jones is my favorite in Disney Land.

Got a favorite movie, and/or TV show?
For TV – give me CNN NEWS!  Love it! Don’t tell anybody but I’m getting pretty good at Tiger Woods Golf on my PlayStation3!

What’s something that most of your QuiBids coworkers don’t know about you?
There’s a Catch 22 — if I told you they would all know!  Hmmmmmm … my youngest son was in gymnastics for years with Matt Beckham and that’s why I’ve known him since he was about twelve years old .

Fill in the blank: Given 72 hours and a big bag of money to do whatever I want, I go to Las Vegas _______.
and play CRAPS because I’m good at it.

Tell us about somebody who had a meaningful and positive impact in your life?
Other than my parents who were supreme, my uncle John, my father’s brother, whose dedication and hard work ethics helped me understand many facets and directions incorporated into my life.

So one day a Hollywood director shoots a film about your life. Who do you pick to play you?
Al Pacino

What’s your favorite part about working for QuiBids?
Watching and being a part of the growth and success of this company. Appreciating the capabilities and the determination of the executive branch and very much enjoying the youth of this company and the fun and spirit they exude — they keep me young! (Well, at heart anyway!)

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