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Dec 18

An Adorable Holiday Craft For You And Your Children – Pine Cone Snowy Owls

Posted by Valerie German under Craft

QuiBids and Gardening With Children Present Pine Cone Snowy Owls

Looking for the special something for your child to give as gifts this holiday season? Why not consider something homemade! Your friends and family will fall in love with these adorable little guys. The best part is almost everything can be done by your children with just a little help from you. Gardening With Children presents the Pine Cone Snowy Owl.

What you’ll need:

  • Pine cones (we used the cinnamon scented ones)
  • Felt (color is optional)
  • Googly Eyes – enough for each pine cone to get 2 eyes
  • Cotton Balls
  • Pipe cleaners – 2 each for larger pine cones, 1 each for smaller pine cones (color is optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Please note: Quantities have not been included here as that will depend on how many owls you wish to make.


  1. We placed down a cover on our work area so the pinecones would not scratch the table, then laid out all of our supplies.
  2. Cut small triangles from the felt to be beaks. Then cut heart shaped pieces with the remaining felt to at as the feet. You can go for a more realistic claw foot shape but we found this design to be easier to glue down.
  3. Grab your cotton balls and begin pulling them apart and fluffing them up. Stuff the cotton balls in all the nooks and crannies on your pine cone. No glue is necessary on this step. Make sure you use cotton balls to give your owls fluff on the top of their heads too.
  4. Once your pinecones are fully fluffy, its time to add the faces. Try to pick a spot that looks mostly flat. Glue down your beaks, then your eyes. Leave the owls to dry for several minutes.
  5. Once ready, its time to add wings. My daughter selected iridescent white for our owls. Depending on the size of your pinecones is how many pipe cleaners you’ll need. Our smaller owls used a single pipe cleaner cut in half. Fold the cut piece of pipe cleaner in half and twist the ends together then bend the twisted tips to give you something to stick into the cotton. cover the tips with glue before pressing them in. Larger pinecone owls took two pipe cleaners – one for each wing – though usually only about 3/4ths of a pipe cleaner each. You’ll have to use your own judgement to decide how long you want the wings to be.
  6. The final step is adding the feet. This is a bit tricky as the bottom of pinecones are not flat. So examine the site and put glue where you think you’ll need it before pressing the pre-cut piece of felt in place. On most of the feet, you’ll need to hold the felt in place for a bit to give it time to start to adhere.
    Wrap these cuties up and give them as gifts! We made 12 owls to give out, and spent less than $15 for the whole bunch. It could have been cheaper if we didn’t pick the scented cones or were not out of cotton balls.

Our Visual Journey

Getting Started

getting started

In The Middle – A Break to Dry

sitting to dry

Nearly There! Missing Wings And Feet

nearly there! - missing wings and feet

The Finished Product!

the completed owl

Our Feathery Bunch

Our Fine  Feathery Bunch

Gardening With Children

Gardening With Children

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