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Jun 21

Announcing: The QuiBids redesign!

Posted by Matt Carney under News, Site Features


Starting today, QuiBids‘ fresh, new redesign is available to all customers!

We previously opened the new look up to a small handful of customers for testing purposes, but now it’s ready to go for the public at large! Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. Click on the top-left icon that says “NEW: See What’s New…” or simply visit the new site here.
2. Be dazzled by our streamlined, faster website!

We’re excited to say that the summer 2012 redesign provided much more than a mere makeover. We took the time to build useful new functionalities into the site, as well as improve its parts that weren’t quite up to snuff. The end result is a much smoother, faster QuiBids, one that’s simultaneously better for browsing customers and those who know exactly what they’re looking for!

So go ahead and take a few minutes to read up on the improvements and additions we made to the site — it’s yours to use, after all!

An improved search bar

Finding products on QuiBids is now easier than ever thanks to our fixed-up search bar. We’ve installed a way smarter, faster system to power it, and we fixed it right at the top of every page on the site. So now all you’ve got to do to find for your next big win is look up!

Product pages


One of the goals of the redesign was to improve QuiBids’ shopping and browsing experience, so we built product pages for every item we sell! The product page is where you can go for items’ descriptions and specs, the listed value, shipping cost, auction statistics and most importantly: all scheduled auctions for the specific item. Now you can plan around upcoming auctions instead of bending your schedule to suit ours!

More extensive auction statistics

Are you the cautious, calculating type who tallies up the most likely times of day that you’ll win an auction? Now determining factors like ending prices, bids spent, and total amount paid are as easy as scrolling to the bottom of an item’s product page and having a look for yourself! Use all this information to spend your bids more effectively!

More specific sorting options

Looking up auctions on QuiBids used to require a bit of guesswork, even if you knew exactly what you wanted. Now specifying the results of a search (or a general category, or even the whole site) is as easy as Display, Sort, and Filter! Are you just looking for a product page or an actual auction? Soon-to-end auctions or most popular items? Maybe an auction that comes with a Gameplay? All these categorizing options are now available to you!

A beefed-up Watchlist

With plenty more space and the ability to drag and drop auctions, the Watchlist is now a far more practical, useful tool! Using the aforementioned categorizing features and the drag-and-drop, you can keep track of dozens of auctions simultaneously.

The drag-and-drop

You know how auctions are all lined up as their own separate little modules? Well now you can drag and drop them anywhere on the auction block, rearranging them as you like! Group auctions together by your level of interest, your likelihood of winning, or whatever other factor you want!

The icon legend

Wondering about those little icons that appear when you hover your cursor on top of an auction’s title? Well scroll down to the icon legend at the bottom of the page to find out what they are!

Visit QuiBids 2.0 Beta

Happy bidding!


  1. Amanda Lee says:

    This looks great! -PennyAuctionWatch

  2. Amanda Lee says:

    This looks great! -PennyAuctionWatch