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May 13

April 2015 – A Month in Review

Posted by Valerie German under Contests, Testimonials

April 2015 - A Month in Review

May is well underway, but we don’t want to miss this chance to look back on April! We’d like to thank all of our users for helping make it awesome.

Favorite Posts

There were quite a few wonderful posts made by our users this month. We’ve picked ten of our favorites to share with you here. Each of these community members has earned themselves a 5X Gameplay. If your post was chosen, please drop us a PM to our Facebook page with your QuiBids username and we’ll get your reward out to you!

Connie and the Bread Knife

Connie and the Bread Knife
Connie E.
April 7, 2015
ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT: This is a great knife. I won this Gourmet Line Bread Knife from BergHOFF using just 3 vb and paying $3.22 giving me a savings of $36.77 or 92%. I tried several times in the past to win a good bread knife with no success until this one. I have to say, it is the best bread knife I’ve ever had…and I’m including my Cutco knife. This knife slices through bread super easily. The cuts are sharp and even and there isn’t even the slightest tearing of the bread. Both my son and I are very impressed with this knife. (He suggested I get a second one since I make all our bread.) The knife is of European design and it is precision forged, ice hardened stainless steel. Although it isn’t advertised as being a BergHOFF product, I thought I recognized it and so I checked and, sure enough, it is the BergHOFF so I went after it. I had no idea I would win it so quickly…just 3 bids. I have been very happy with the BergHOFF products I have gotten and I recommend them.

Brittany M. and the MacBook Air

Brittany M. and the MacBook Air
Brittany M.
April 13, 2015
Sooo this is probably my best/favorite win to date. I won the Apple MacBook Air for $6.42. I used 55 real/103 vouchers to win this. Paid a total of $36.42 with savings of 96%. It was DEFINITELY my lucky day!!!

David G. and the Gift Card

David G. and the Gift Card
David G.
April 17, 2015
This $50 Walmart card + gameplay is going toward a Walmart purchase next week[bstay tuned] Sarah ordered me a gift from a online retailor that WASN’T QuiBids for Christmas which NEVER was shipped & customer service NEVER replied to our emails
frown emoticon
So I decided to win some gift card this month to offset the cost of my mystery gift! I won this card using 54 voucher bids & spent $7.67 out of pocket ! Saved an amazing 87% & recieved it in 4 days with FREE shipping!

Thankyou Quibids for being a business which has a great customer service department and that works very hard to correct any and all problems which infrequently arise. Honest and hard working is a winning combination which keeps e shopping at your website year after year

Hallow Wayne and the Boxer Shorts

Hallow Wayne and the Boxer Shorts
Hallow Wayne
April 18, 2015
Hello everyone! This is my moment to shine with this 6pack plaid Knocker Men’s boxer shorts that I won in is a hybrid auction that comes with a 20VB having a value price of $36.99,making use of 12RB for this item to be sold at $0.30 (80%).I was surprised to know that Quibids had this item and from that moment I decided to bid on this item.Wearing this item is so comfortable, it’s made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It comes with different sizes from small to large and color.It is easy to wash and dry as well.Having problem of shipping? It’s definitely Free. Shopping + Entertainment + Free Shipping = Quibids. I’m one of the happy customer that always go back on #QuiBidsWin

Casimina D. and the Ginsu Knives Pair

Casimina D. and the Ginsu Knives Pair
Casimina D.
April 18, 2015
WOOT WOOT!!! Here are two more of the Ginus Kotta knives I won on QuiBids! I absolutely love these knives!
They are super sharp and cut through hard vegetables easily while still being able to cut softer things like bread and fruit without squashing them. And the handles fit in your hand perfectly! This time I won the 6″ Chef knife and the 5″ utility knife ( which make real good steak knives). With the warmer weather coming, we do a lot of BBQs, and I make a lot of different cold salads with onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. It will be so wonderful to be able to cut all the veggies without making a mess or having to press so hard they turn to mush!!! The 6″ Chef Knife values at $12.99. I used 6vb and got it for 26 cents! A 98% savings! And the 5 “Utility values at $10.99. Again I used 6 vb and got this one for 16 cents!!!! A 99% savings :)
So for a total of 42 cents I got two awesome knives that will make my cooking easier and more enjoyable!!!! :)

I only have a couple more to get
Which I will be attempting as soon as I am out of Q jail!!!

Thank you Quibids for offering such wonderful knives!!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Bidding!!!!

Gary O. and the Story of Breakfast

Hope y'all enjoy this short slide show Thank you QuiBids17 vbs + 16 vbs and $1.08 later 6 lbs Premium Bacon

Posted by Gary Oakes on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gary O.
April 19, 2015
Hope y’all enjoy this short slide show Thank you QuiBids
17 vbs + 16 vbs and $1.08 later
6 lbs Premium Bacon

Cassie and the Bath Mat

Cassie and the Bath Mat
Cassie W.
April 20, 2015
My hubby was super excited (& being a bit silly here 😉 when I won this Spa Collection Memory Foam bath mat in gray (17″x24″).. Value Price of $30.99, I used only ONE VB (whoohoo!!), auction closed at $0.04, for a savings of 99%.
He has plantar fasciitis so that’s why I told him this mat should be great for his feet each day as he gets out the shower.. Loving it so far! Super comfy & fluffy, & is much better than stepping onto the cold, hard bathroom floor in the morning!
Thanks, QuiBids!! 😉

#QoW #QuiBidsWins —

Janise C. and Omaha Steaks Kabobs

Janise C. and Omaha Steaks Kabobs
Janise C.
April 23, 2015
First time winning & trying these Omaha Steaks Kabobs which have a value price of $99.99 on QuiBids, in this package you will get 6- 8oz Tenderloin Filet Mignon skewers with mushroom caps, green & red peppers, you will also get 4- 6oz Chicken skewers with chunks of chicken breast, red onion, red & green peppers. Each skewer is individually wrapped so to cook as many or as less as you want. So yesterday I made the Chicken skewer under the broiler ( would of preferred to grill them, but it was snowing here) I was impressed at the size of the chunk of chicken that was on it. I shared them with the family and all gave them a thumbs up. 12 VB is all I used to win this OS package & got a savings of $95.31 = 95% Saved and couldn’t be happier!! I’d like to Thank QuiBids for my savings and the Free Shipping & the fun and excitement of shopping on your site.

Denise and the Bracelet Story

Denise and the Bracelet Story
Denise A.
April 27, 2015
Karma at work! I posted this picture of my two binned bracelets earlier this month. Today, while getting off the elevator on the 10th floor, the freshwater pearl bracelet fell off my wrist and down the crack between the elevator and floor. Two hours later, I got a call that the elevator guy had retrieved my bracelet. A ten-story drop and not a chip, ding or scratch! I will have to restring and get a different clasp, but the quality of the bracelet was proven by its endurance and a big dose of Karma. I feel very blessed…the guy even found the one loose pearl, as they are individually knotted to avoid losing an entire string! Now I’m glad I have a pic until I get it fixed!!!

Cindy S. and the Nightlight

Cindy S. and the Nightlight
Cindy S.
April 27, 2015
Finally got to give my GRANDSON his Projectable SpiderMan Night Light!! He does not like his room dark so I am hoping he likes this
smile emoticon
They have many different ones to choose from. Thanks Q for offering so many neat products!!!

Value Price: $18.99
3 Voucher
Auction Price: – $0.06
Winner Savings: $18.93
Saved 99%

Popular Products in April

Gift cards of all shapes and sizes continue to be in high demand. Users are also winning a lot of perfumes and colognes lately! And of course continuing in popularity is Omaha Steaks, perfect for spring and summertime grilling!


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