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Apr 26

April auction recap

Posted by Matt Carney under Products


Well my, my. Time sure flies when you’re winning the latest, greatest products at prices so low that they flunked out of school, am I right?

From iPads to food processors to coffeemakers and more, QuiBids customers have been cleaning up this month, wrangling items for as little as a single bid and the penny price it created. It’s been a long, memorable couple of weeks’ worth of savings here at QuiBids, so let’s take just a couple of minutes to look back on some of the auctions that stand out, and get really, really jealous of the people who won them. Congratulations, noble users — your victories are now enshrined, trophy-like, for all QuiBids’ millions of customers to marvel upon, including the April Score of the Month.  Let’s get started.

Item: Nicholson Multipurpose Jab Saw
Price: $0.01
Winner spent: 1 Real Bid
Savings: $31.38

Just what will user wruth11 do with his or her hard-earned $0.61 miniature saw? Lop a couple of low-hanging branches off a tree outside his or her house? Carve a face into his or her Halloween pumpkin? Defend himself or herself against home invaders? The possibilities are endless.

Item: The New Apple iPad 32GB WiFi
Price: $4.83
Winner spent: 73 Voucher Bids
Savings: $625.16
Employing the impressive if somewhat unlikely method of committing a bunch of Voucher Bids to a Bid-O-Matic, user lastBDismine eventually outlasted a couple of other Bid-O-Matic users to come away with a shiny, white new 32GB iPad for $625.16 less than the retail price. Please excuse us while we attempt to comprehend the savings.

Nope. Still can’t. But we’ll carry on anyway.

Item: Kalorik Food Processor
Price: $1.06
Winner spent: 4 Voucher Bids
Savings: $85.93
Looks like somebody’s making juice tonight!

Item: Franklin Spanish-English Dictionary (+ 1X Gameplay)
Price: $0.43
Winner spent: 20 Real Bids
Savings: $113.56
Looks like somebody’s going to Spain tonight!

Item: Samsung 55” 3D Ready LED HDTV Bundle
Price: $265.95

Winner Spent: 336 Real Bids
Savings: $3,232.44

You know what they say: sometimes, you’ve gotta give a little to get a little. In this case, user dlg1025 gave a little and got a lot. As in an HDTV bundle and $3,232.44 in savings lot. And now he or she is counting it up while watching some killer movie on his or her new TV.

Item: Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi
Price: $1.64

Winner spent: 4 Real Bids
Savings: $405.95

Really guys? You let somebody come away from this one just four bids lighter? Y’all need to hit up our QuiBids 101 section to re-learn how this thing works.

Item: Samsung PN51D6500 51” 1080P 3D HDTV
Price: $1.20
Winner spent: 1 Real Bid
Savings: $1,098.19
Again, we must refer you to the QuiBids 101 page because clearly you guys have forgotten how this auction thing works. Congratulations are in order for user clutchhh, who lived up to his or her name.

And finally, our QuiBids Score of the Month for the month of April is…

Item: BMS Heritage Two-Tone 150CC Gas Scooter
Price: $3.04
Winner spent: 22 Real Bids
Savings: $1,811.75
Wow. Are you kidding? How is it possible that somebody acquired something that could theoretically get them to and from work without even having to break a twenty dollar bill? Congratulations to user poodlepup, whose master will no doubt be very happy to find out that his or her dog has won him or her a scooter on the Internet.

That’s not all folks! Did you have a big April win that our recap missed? Link us to it in the comments, or email me at matt[dot]carney[at]quibids[dot]com and I’ll add it to the bottom of the post!


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