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Sep 19

Arrr ye talking like a pirate today?

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

Talk Like a Pirate Day with QuiBids

Ahoy QuiBidders! In honor of the scurviest day of the year – Talk Like a Pirate Day – we’ve put together a few products on QuiBids that are sure to make your mateys jealous.  So grab your ‘ol bottle of rum and cutlass, strap on your boots, and tell the landlubbers to stay home, cuz this Old Salt is ’bout to show ye how to pillage like the best of ’em. Yo ho ho!

What kind ‘o lovely booty can I get from QuiBids?

Avast! QuiBids offers a huge variety of products, as we’re sure you’re well aware.  Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day by bidding on any of the Pirate stuff below.  If you don’t have time to bid, remember you can always get it from the QuiBids Store and get Free Bids with each purchase!

Melissa & Doug Pirate Treasure Chest

Pirate Treasure chest Toy on QuiBids

Ahoy, Matey! Store your treasures in this wooden pirate chest! The hand-stained chest features a be-jeweled skull lock. Included in the set are a pirate bandanna, an eye patch, a velvety loot bag, golden doubloon coins and a secret compartment to stash away your most valuable loot. Buy it from the QuiBids Store for $32.99 and get 4 Free Bids!

Intex Pirate Island

Intex Pirate Island on QuiBids

Float around on the water like any good buccaneer with this Intex Pirate Island floatie.  Buy it from the QuiBids Store for  $24.99 and get 3 Free Bids!

Kidorable Pirate Rain Coat

Kidorable Pirate Rain Coat on QuiBids

Sure pirates love being out on the sea, but honestly, no pirate likes getting wet. That’s why this rain coat is perfect for the wee lad or lass in your life. Buy it from the QuiBids Store for only $39.99 and get 4 Free Bids.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pirate Ship Playset on QuiBids

Don’t have an ocean readily available? It doesn’t matter when you use your imagination. Your wee lad or lass will have a great time pretending to be out at sea searching for treasure. Buy it from the QuiBids Store for $95.99 and get 10 Free Bids!


So are ye talkin’ like a pirate today?  It’s fun!  Try it out for yourself by posting your pirate speak in the comments below.  Need help speaking like a Pirate?  Use this easy translator.