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Mar 29

ASTEC TV at QuiBids

Posted by QuiBids under News, QuiBids Employees

We were recently approached by ASTEC TV to get an inside look at our business, how we work and what our company culture is like. ASTEC TV is the production studio of ASTEC Charter High School in Oklahoma City. They host a show called ASTEC TV that is available via podcast and on iTunes.

They visited our offices last Monday and were given a tour while they shot footage of different departments. They interviewed the Director of Public Relations (ok, that’s me [Jill]) and asked specific questions about how we operate and where we see things going in the next couple of years.  As you may guess, we have multiple goals for QuiBids; however, we take each day as it comes.

The ASTEC TV crew was very impressive with how they carried themselves, in addition to the interviews they have lined up for their shows in the near future.  It was hard to believe they were students, although their supervisor kind of gave it away… We have yet to see their news segment and have to say, we’re pretty excited to see how it was put together.

Thanks for stopping in ASTEC!  We enjoyed having you over and look forward to seeing your segment when it comes out.