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Sep 17

August 2015 – A Month in Review

Posted by Valerie German under Testimonials

August 2015 In Review

Another month has come and gone, and hopefully with it the worst heat of the year! We hope August was filled with much fun and family, and of course lots of outstanding QuiBids wins! Please note that this is the final month we are giving away 5X Gameplay for the top 10 posts from the prior month. All other prizes will continue as planned, so don’t stop posting those wins!

Favorite Posts

There were quite a few wonderful posts made by our users this past month. We’ve picked ten of our favorites to share with you here. Each of these community members has earned themselves a 5X Gameplay. If your post was chosen, please drop us a PM to our Facebook page with your QuiBids username and we’ll get your reward out to you!

Roxana S. and the Blender win

Roxana S. and the Blender win
Roxana S.
Aug. 3, 2015
#Qow The Big Boss Multipupose Blender for Smoothies on those Hot summer days. See even my teenage son joined the fun and started using it as soon as it arrived. He chopped ice with strawberries and bananas plus a tad of sugar. He even cleaned it since it is a breeze to wash. This is his favorite toy, so far he has made smoothies for all of us to try at home. I feel like he is definitely the winner this time.
Final auction price was $0.16 bought it for 6RB saved 91% with bid credit of $3.60 total savings of$36.23 — with Dex Hernandez.

Yvonne S. and the Floor Cleaner win

Yvonne S. and the Floor Cleaner win
Yvonne S.
Aug. 7, 2015
Sienna Eco Canister Carpet and Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Value Price: $119.99
Bids used 58 r/bs
Auction Price $1.35
My Savings $83.84
I saved 70 %Any one who suffers from Allergies, this is for you! It does so much more than clean floors. As soon as i received it, I used it. I cleaned all my ceiling fans and little fans I have threw out my home. It made cleaning them such a breeze! No added chemicals needed. :) The steam sanitizes as it cleans. The Sienna reaches areas and tiny cracks I cannot reach. You can clean just about anything with it. It comes with several different attachments. I know my ceiling fans, box fans look brand new. You can use it on furniture. I cannot say enough about this product. :) Thank you Quibids for being you, I really needed this.

Ashley E. and the Bacon win

Ashley E. and the Bacon win
Ashley E.
Aug. 13, 2015
I won this Omaha steaks 3 bacon sampler for $2.81. If you like thick cut bacon this is the way to go.
Ended – $ 2.81
Bids used – 8vbs
Savings – 95% or $59.18

Noreen R. and the Matching Keyboards

Noreen R. and the Matching Keyboards
Noreen R.
Aug. 15, 2015
Bill and Noreen sharing a win the 2 Pack Ez Eyes Large Print Keyboard With 4X Larger Lettering And Spill Resistance I like they are spill resistance Bill likes the large print keyboard a 2 pack value and something of value for both of us. Auction particulars Value Price: $18.99
Bids Credit: – $0.00 0 Real / 29 Voucher Auction Price: – $1.46 Winner Savings: $17.53 Saved 92% and free shipping thanks #QuiBids.

Janise C. and the Expandable Hose

Janise C. and the Expandable Hose
Janise C.
Aug. 17, 2015
Expandable Hose – 75 ft. I hate how stiff & heavy the rubber hoses are and I’ve already won a few of these hoses from QuiBids at a great savings and this win was no exception, I place 2 VB and watched the clock go to 0 & SOLD at $0.03 & boy was I happy!! Great savings of $39.96 = 99% saved now how awesome is that? Thanks again QuiBids I have enough hoses for my front yard & my back yard now. I’m not only happy with this win, but my flowers are as well lol as now I can reach them all. If you live in the US this item ships for free and I do so Thanks QuiBids for the Free Shipping too.

Daniel A. and the Sunglasses

Daniel A. and the Sunglasses
Daniel A.
Aug. 21, 2015
Here is a great win on QBids Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses- Matte Black/Warm Grey 24RB with a retail of $120 ended auction at $0.83 with a saving of 87% thanks #QOW

Danielle M. and the Gift for Dad

Danielle M. and the Gift for Dad
Danielle M.
Aug. 21, 2015
My dad gift came
Mossy Oak Mens Brown Leather and Stainless Steel Watch and Knife Set
Value Price: $39.99
Bids Credit: – $4.20
7 Real / 13 Voucher
Auction Price: – $0.39
Winner Savings: $35.40
Saved 89%

Amber G. and the Watch win

Amber G. and the New Watch
Amber G.
Aug. 23, 2015
Aside from being difficult to take a good selfie showing off my new, favorite, personal win.. This bidding was a success!
Check out my new Fossil Georgia Leather and Rose Gold watch! It’s got rose gold accents on the face and a taupe distressed style leather band.. It’s the perfect size for my petite wrist and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The price was even better.. Because I won it with 52 voucher bids, and only paid the end auction price of $4.42! Retail value $99.. Saving me $94.58! Thanks QuiBids!

Jeffrey M. and the Room With a View

Jeffrey M. and the Room With a View
Jeffrey M.
Aug. 26, 2015
I live in a Apartment building in the Bronx New York . When I walk into my foyer there was no window until now! This is the Long Golden Day by Alice Dalton Brown. This picture really livened up my home .
I won it for $1.75 using 16 real bids. A 1X game play was attached as well. Now when I’m eating or just walking through I can look out the window. Thank for the view Q

Shanon G. and the LED Foldable Desk Lamp

Shanon G. and the LED Foldable Desk Lamp
Shanon G.
Aug. 31, 2015
It was a cold and stormy night, and we found ourselves in need of some lights…Ok, just kidding! But, Lauren did need a lamp for her new desk! She does all of her homework upstairs at her desk that she bought herself, but she didn’t have a lamp and the light isn’t all that great where her desk is in her room. So off to QuiBids I went, in search of just what I thought she needed. This little lamp uses a USB cord as its power source, so she can easily plug it into her computer or iPad while she is working on her homework. It is the Lavish Home LED Foldable USB Desk Lamp, and I chose purple for Lauren, but it comes in 3 colors. It is SUPER bright! It folds up for easy storage and is adjustable in height. It uses 18 LED energy saving bulbs and has an on/off switch. This retails for $29.99. I used 7 real and 6 voucher bids and the end price was 0.49. That gave me a savings of 84%, which makes me a happy mom! Thanks Q!

Popular Products in August

It seems like the Christmas rush has well and truly begun on QuiBids. We’ve lost count of how many wins that were shared on our Page that were to be gifts for friends and family. If gifts were a category, that would clearly be the winner! Since it’s not, here’s our top 3 for August.

  • Gift Cards – The clear leader of the pack. And really, how can you go wrong with gift cards to all of your favorite stores and restaurants?
  • Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories – There’s always more fun to be had in the kitchen!
  • Electronics and Accessories – Be it a new pair of earphones, a keyboard of an awesome wireless speaker, you can’t go wrong here!


QuiBidder of the Week Roundup

Here’s a quick look back at August’s QoW award winners. If you’ve missed reading about them, check them out now!

You too could be selected as our Quibidder of the Week! Take a look at our blog post to learn how!



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