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Feb 16

Back to the Root of Things

Posted by QuiBids under Events, News

Last weekend, a couple of our fearless leaders (CEO, Matt Beckham and CTO, Shaun Tilford) attended OU’s StartUp Weekend.  StartUp Weekend is a very fast-paced weekend event that brings individuals and teams together to develop new business ideas.  It’s a true entrepreneurial experience for those involved, students, developers and business professionals alike.  This year’s OU StartUp Weekend brought in over 50 participants, bringing around 30 new business plans and ideas.  That number was then narrowed down to the top 6.

You might ask yourself what QuiBids executives were doing an event meant to nurture new startup ideas – do they want to start another company? ” Ha, yeah right.  These guys have their hands full as is, as do all of us here!  They went simply because Matt was asked to be a guest speaker.  Matt was one of three main speakers at this event; he spoke during lunch on Sunday, February 13th covering the topic “How an Entrepreneur Turns Great Ideas into Real Opportunity.”  Later that evening, he was able to judge the final business plans of all the teams that participated.

The atmosphere of OU’s StartUp Weekend is both laid back and energetic.  It’s not too large and offers just the right amount of face-to-face interaction to give all participants an opportunity to get to know one another, in addition to the speakers.  Great businesses can spring from creative and determined minds, and events such as StartUp Weekend helps to bring such minds together.

QuiBids has OU roots with four out of the five executive staff having attended the University of Oklahoma. They all believe in supporting and giving back to their alma mater, so when approached to speak at events like this, they’re all for it!