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Sep 30

Beware – Haunted Auctions are back!

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Events

Haunted Auctions on QuiBids in October 2014

They’re Back!

If you have been around for more than a year then you probably remember the ghostly issues our site seems to experience every year around October 1. And although we’ve had our top Ghost QuiBusting team working hard to prevent another haunting, it looks like we’re in for another spooky year. Gulp.

What is a Haunted Auction?

Haunted Auctions work like free gameplay auctions, except they’re much scarier! If you’re brave enough to win one of these special auctions, you’ll get a Free 1X, 2X, or even a 5X Gameplay! Expect to see these apparitions haunting various auctions on our site starting October 1. Look alive, because as we get closer to Halloween you’ll find more haunted auctions with even higher multipliers!

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Haunted Auctions – Other Things to Note

First thing’s first. If you see one of these ghosts on QuiBids, remember to stay calm and don’t panic!

Here are some things to keep in mind about Haunted Auctions. If you’re question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to contact support or reach out on Twitter at @QuiBidsHelp.

Does it cost to participate in Haunted Auctions?

It doesn’t cost any money to place a bid in Haunted Auctions, nor will it reduce the amount of bids in your account. That’s why we call it a “free-to-bid” auction. However, you must have purchased the initial bid pack to be eligible to participate.

And regardless of the ending price when the timer hits zero, the ending amount will not have to be paid by the winner. So even if the auction goes to $10000, the winner still pays zero!

How many times can I bid on Haunted Auctions?

Each bidder is limited to only ten (10) free bids per haunted auction, so use your bids wisely!

What do I get for winning a Haunted Auction?

The winner of each Haunted Auction will get either a 1X, 2X, or 5X Gameplay that can be redeemed to play any of our games for free bids! It’s the least we can do for helping us to bring our site back to normal.

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So get your ghost hunting shoes on, and expect to start seeing Haunted Auctions on QuiBids starting tomorrow!

Do you like participating in Free to Bid auctions? Would you like to see them on QuiBids more often? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!