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Nov 25

Bid for Free on a 2013 Ford Focus on Cyber Monday

Posted by Blake Brown under Events, Products

Cyber Monday Featured Auction - a 2013 Ford Focus on QuiBids

NOTE: This promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated in one of the most epic auctions in QuiBids history!

No, you don’t need to adjust your computer screen, and yes, you read the title of this blog correctly. We’re beyond thrilled to announce that, scheduled for Cyber Monday (December 2, 2013), will be auctioning off a brand new 2013 Ford Focus. But this isn’t going to be like your normal QuiBids auction, because in free-to-bid auctions on QuiBids, bidding is absolutely free.

How will the Free Ford Focus auction work?

We’ve had free-to-bid auctions similar to this before, like haunted auctions back in October in which the winners received free Gameplays, then  recently we had 3 different free auctions for the new PlayStation 3. However, we haven’t ever had a free-to-bid auction for a prize this large. I mean, it’s a freaking car guys!

So, if you remember how free auctions worked in the past, the free Ford Focus auction will behave similarly. it won’t cost you any additional money to bid, nor will it reduce the amount of bids in your account. And regardless of the ending price, the auction winner won’t have to pay a single penny. One rather important difference to note, however, is that each bidder will be limited to 5 bids in this auction as opposed to 10. This is why you should extra hard strive to make each bid count.

To win, you just have to be the highest bidder (or the last bidder to place a bid) when the timer hits zero. If you’re unfamiliar with the bidding process, take some time and go here to learn more about how QuiBids auctions work.

Who is eligible to participate in the Ford Focus auction?

The Ford Focus auction will be available to US customers only who have purchased the initial bid package.

When will this auction take place?

The auction timer is scheduled to end on December 2, 2013, also known as Cyber Monday.

How is the car being shipped?

We will coordinate with a local dealership close the winner’s location.

Can I use more than five bids in the car auction?

No. We want every bidder to have an equal chance at winning the free car. So once you place your fifth bid, you are done participating in the auction.

This auction is going to be epic.

This is QuiBids history folks.  This car is a way for us to say thanks to all of you for being such fantastic customers over the last four years.  And you never know, this could be you once the Cyber Monday Ford Focus auction comes to an end:

The Cyber Monday Ford Focus auction winner on may look something like this.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the big event by adding this auction to your QuiBids Watchlist. You can also RSVP to the following events on Facebook and Google+ so you can receive additional notifications to make sure you wont’ miss out.

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