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Jan 14

QuiBidders share bidding tips after being challenged by fellow bidder, David.

Posted by Valerie German under Tips & Strategy

Improve your bidding knowledge

Earlier this week, QuiBidder David G challenged the QuiBids Facebook community to “find a way to bring something NEW to the table which adds to our bidding knowledge.” It’s only been two days, but we’ve been so pleased to see the results so far. Thanks David G., and thank you QuiBidders. You are amazing!

The Challenge

Challenge Accepted

The Results

Cindy S – “Do not bid “mad” in an auction….it does you no good but a big loss of bids.”

Leah V – “Set and stick to a bidding budget and don’t bid on items that you can’t afford to BIN. The biggest mistake I made when I first signed up was having unrealistic expectations that I would win all the time and when I wouldn’t, I would find myself back at the q bar buying more bids. This in turn ended up costing me even more than I had originally planned and because I was unrealistic and bidding on an item I couldn’t afford to BIN, I ended up without anything to show for it. This happened only once, before I joined this wonderful group and began getting great info.”

Noreen R – “Know what products are in the auction your are bidding in like a GC that may drive up the price.”

David G – “When your choosing an auction FIRST check the others bidders recent win/activity & know when the latest promo code was released!”

Victoria D – “Never bid while u r angry/mad especially from a prior auction.”

Amber W – “Pay attention to what those other bidders most recent auction is. You can actually click on the item they most recently won, and see whether they won with real bids, voucher bids, etc. Also, check out those badges, and how long they’ve been a member! Lots to look at, but with good preparation, you are more likely to bid with success!”

Daniel H – “Did you know that you can rearrange auctions on the QuiBids home page? Just click and drag!”

Victoria D – “If u really want an item…don’t give in!!! Sometimes u have to make a name for urself and show others u r a force to be reckoned with…remember other bidders are watching, so if they see u as a pushover they will more than likely go after u too.”

Janise C – “My Tip of the Day -Only bid on one auction at a time, you can bid on more, but it’s really hard to do and if your a serious bidder you will only want to concentrate on one auction at a time, the auctions page shifts as auctions are cleared off and it’s easy to lose the auctions you were bidding on.”

Victoria D – “Always have fun… Don’t let others rain on ur parade”

Casimina D – “Don’t get too frustrated if you lose an auction, or several auctions. Most times when you get frustrated with something you tend to defeat yourself more often then not. Maybe change your bidding strategies or start bidding at a different time of day if you can. Or even take a few days off to center yourself again.”

Cindy S – “If you don’t succeed, don’t give up! There are lots of auctions. Watch and study how each bidder you may go up against bids. You will learn lots and it will be very helpful for you to get your win. I have heard several new bidders on here saying they haven’t got a win. Find the time of day in your area where the auctions may seem to be going slower. It takes time and patience. Try again and you will get your WIN!!”

Looking Ahead

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