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Jun 19

Blog Poll – Tell us what you want

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Today’s post will be a rather simple one.  It’s been a while since we had any type of survey, so we decided we’d put together a brief poll for you to ‘tell us what you want‘ to see on our company blog.

We’ll always try to put together interesting articles for your benefit like ones on:

Epic Wins
i.e. Check out our Epic Wins pinboard on Pinterest

Have you won one of these epic wins?  If not, don’t stress.  After all, end the end, QuiBids is all about fun.  Although it can be more “fun” to receive an epic win, don’t forget about our Badges and Games! But how does this benefit you, you might ask?  Take note of the times, items and trends of these wins to help boost your overall strategy!

Site Feature Announcements
i.e. New QuiBids101 Video

We’re always working on new projects – the latest and greatest, the new QuiBids101 video. This was a project in the making to update the old one since the updates we had to our site over time.  Besides this, be on the look out for new site feature announcements soon!

New Products
i.e. New items on QuiBids

QuiBids auction Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There’s always something going on at QuiBids, and that includes consistently receiving new products and items for you to bid on!

There are a slew of other topics we cover too.  But this time around, we want to get a little more feedback from you, our customers!  We’d love it if you would take a minute of your time to take this super quick poll.  So without further ado… the super quick poll:



So give your feedback in the poll above.  We want to give you want you want to read more of! If we didn’t mention something from above, just leave your comments in the open field in the poll or simply leave your comments below.  Either way, we’ll be sure to get to them!