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Mar 20

Buy Now vs. QuiBids Store

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features, Tips & Strategy

quibids buy now vs store

Since QuiBids Store debuted back in November, QuiBidders have seen their shopping and purchasing options increase well beyond the one-auction-one-product setup that the site debuted with in 2009. And I’m not just talking about the ability to pick from a range of products. The QuiBids Store organizes products by category, brands, price, customer reviews, and even by gift recommendations and discounted prices now.

But the great big decision that QuiBids customers have to make now happens before they even enter an auction, and it’s this:

Do I buy what I want from the QuiBids Store and take the guaranteed Voucher Bids? Or do I venture into an auction, resorting to Buy Now if I can’t get it at a discount?

Obviously here the worst-case scenario (which, I should note, is still pretty good) is doing a Buy Now in an auction, which means that you purchase the product at the exact same price that you would have at the Store without racking up the incentive Voucher Bids. What you ultimately do is, of course, up to you, but there are a few questions you probably ought to consider before proceeding down either route. Let’s break them down and see where they lead.

Question #1:

Do I have the time to bid on this product?
QuiBids auctions can sometimes last for hours, especially when the product is particularly valuable. The Bid-O-Matic can keep you covered for short stints, like a trip to the bathroom or a quick snack break but it’s probably not going to keep you afloat in a big-time auction if you’ve got to go pick the kids up from soccer practice.

If we accept that entering the auction willing to Buy Now improves your outlook on the auction then it follows that you should be prepared to bid until you reach the item’s value. That takes time, and if you don’t have it you may consider either waiting on a more opportune auction or simply purchasing the item immediately at the Store.

Question #2:

How often do you shop on QuiBids?
This is important to consider because it’ll help judge how you value Voucher Bids. If you’re an infrequent QuiBidder then purchasing a $1,700 laptop to pocket an extra 170 Voucher Bids might be overkill, especially since Voucher Bids expire after a specified amount of time.

On the other hand if you’re on QuiBids every day and are in the market for a new computer then why not pick up some Voucher Bids for buying something you planned on getting anyway? Again, that’s for you to decide.

Question #3:

How much do you enjoy bidding on auctions?
If the competitive thrill of vying for an auction win is what you’re on QuiBids for then you probably didn’t click on this link in the first place. But, on the off-chance that you’re still reading, purchasing an item from the Store doesn’t mean you’re not getting to enjoy the bidding experience. It just means that you’re forestalling it, since you’ll collect Voucher Bids with the purchase to be used in an auction later.

Question #4:

How necessary is the product you’re looking for?
If you need it and need it now then you might just not wait around for an auction to come up. In that case the Store’s open 24/7 and our shipping’s now free for U.S. customers!

Alright, I’m done now. But we want to hear what you guys think about the whole Buy Now vs. Store purchase issue, so tell us in the comments!

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