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Aug 06

Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Try this helpful tip!

Posted by Blake Brown under Site Features

QuiBids Search Functionality Help

Have you ever tried searching for a product on QuiBids only to find that the results weren’t exactly what you were looking for? We see this happen to customers from time-to-time, and our developers are working to improve this functionality as we speak. In the meantime, there’s a quick fix that you should probably be aware of. Continue reading to learn more.

Why aren’t the search results on QuiBids displaying what I want?


Sometimes, certain keywords or other products in an auction can skew the search results, but there’s an easy fix for this. Simply filter your search by All Products instead of All Auctions. This will display search results in the QuiBids Store as opposed to the live auctions you see on the home screen.

For example, let’s pretend you want to get a new fan to keep cool in the Summer heat. You head on over to, and type in “fan” in the search bar. The default setting for search is All Auctions, so below is how your search results would probably look.

QuiBids Search Functionality - All Auctions Filter

Notice that none of these results are actually for a fan? Before you give up, you decide to switch the filter from All Auctions to All Products and do the search again. Below is what you’d see.

QuiBids Search Functionality - All Products Filter

The image above displays your results in the QuiBids Store as opposed to live auctions. The results are clearly more relevant to you than the first set of results. This is why we recommend searching for a particular product in the QuiBids Store using the All Products filter.

But if I search for a product in the QuiBids Store, can I still find auctions for that product?

Absolutely! When your search results are displayed in the QuiBids Store, you can choose to either Buy Now and purchase the product at retail (we should mention all purchases in the QuiBids Store come with Free Bids), or you can find all live auctions associated with that product, if there are any.

To continue our example, let’s say you decide that you want the Lasko 2004W Clip Fan.

Using QuiBids Store to see more auctions

You could choose to Buy Now and receive 3 Free Bids, but perhaps you have some time to kill and you want to try to win it at a discount. If there are auctions available, it will say so under the product listing. As you can see, the Lasko Clip Fan has 33 Auctions Available. Just click the “33 Auctions Available” link and you’ll be taken to the product page where you can see all upcoming auctions for this particular product. Just find the auction that works best for you and add it to your Watchlist, or start bidding right away!

Upcoming Auctions Product Page View

We hope you found this article helpful. Do you have experience with our search functionality that you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments!

*At this time, the QuiBids Store is only in the US and CA markets, therefore, this may only be applicable to those in these markets.