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Jul 10

Can’t we all just get along?

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We’ve had many comments on our Facebook page lately about how there’s been too much… let’s just say, customers having a difference of opinions and voicing those opinions at each other in not the most constructive way.  And dare we say, some name-calling… So, we’re here to clear the mud on our social media behavior, what’s accepted and what’s not, and have our Facebook stay with what it’s intended for – to connect with you, our customers!

Simply put, we want to build relationships.  We aim to do that by providing relative content to our brand on our Facebook page, updates on new site features and products, show recent wins, give tips on bidding to build your overall strategy, hosting giveaways, etc.  We want to utilize our Facebook page as another way to connect with you to listen and learn and as a way to gain feedback to improve our site which ultimately will improve your experience at QuiBids!  It’s also an avenue for our customers (you) to come and enjoy collaborating with fellow QuiBidders – share product reviews and wins, give tips, welcome newbies, etc.

With that said, we’d like to say that we’re not in favor of deleting posts.  We want to be as transparent as possible, however, there are times when we will delete comments.  We’ll delete comments/posts when they:

  • contain obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or profane language or libelous or defamatory statements;
  • contain hate speech directed at race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability;
  • promote or endorse services or products. (“non-commercial” links relevant to the topic or another comment are acceptable.);
  • attack QuiBids employees;
  • attack other QuiBids customers;
  • contain links or advertisements;
  • violate copyright or intellectual property rights or Facebook’s terms of service or any laws or regulations; and
  • contain spam or are intended to cause technical disruptions to this page.

What we won’t delete:

  1. Customers asking questions about site features and requesting a response
  2. A complaint about a glitch that was found on our site (yah, it happens)
  3. A customer voicing his/her opinion on a recent experience with an auction: win or lose, positive or negative
  4. Other general complaints and comments

See our updated social media user policy that explains the use of our social media in full length.

You also might recall this blog post from last year, Ten Commandments of QuiBids Social Media.  It’s a great article that gives some examples of previous posts; the good, the bad and the none relevant.

Should there ever be a discussion or disagreement pertaining to a more personal issue and something we cannot assist with, we suggest it be taken to another venue to resolve without compromising the time of others and/or the integrity of QuiBids page(s).  No one really cares to air out other peoples’ dirty laundry, do they?

Let’s move on to something exciting, shall we?  From the above, we’ve also decided to revamp our QuiBidder leaderboard.  Currently, we state how we award extra points depending on your above-and-beyond activity.  We’ll begin to implement deletions or taking away points should *inappropriate behavior take place (bullet points mentioned above). We will not delete points if you have a legitimate concern or question, or even if you post that you had a negative experience, i.e. a glitch on our site.  We want you to be open and honest, but by doing it in a constructive way without bothering or calling out fellow QuiBidders is a great way to stay on topic and keeping the intent of our company Facebook page where it needs to be.

How to report a user or comment to QuiBids for moderation.

We trust this updated social media user policy will help clear any confusion and lay out what’s accepted/what’s not accepted on our page.  Should you ever feel that we’ve missed something inappropriate or if you feel another bidder’s posts have gone too far, then we ask that you please submit your complaint via our pre-populated email.

Click Here to Report a User or Comment for Violating QuiBids Social Media User Policy.

If you’d like to report another user, simply click the link above.  A pre-populated email will appear with the Subject Line “Facebook User Complaint Request,” and the following text should show up in the body of your email:

Your Full Name:

Your QuiBids Username:

Offending User’s Facebook Name:

Offending User’s Facebook profile URL:

URL of offending comment or post (To find the URL of a particular comment, right-click on the time the comment was posted, and select “copy link address” and paste it below.)

Attach any screenshots or other evidence you have to this email. Also, please provide any additional information below so we can better understand the issue.

Place your cursor to the right of each line of text, add a space or two, then input your answer to each response.  We’d even appreciate it if you made your responses bold to make it easier for us to read.  Below is an example of how a completed email could look.

example facebook complaint email

One other thing we’d like to note.  If the offending post was actually a comment to another post, make sure you provide that particular comment’s URL, and not the URL of the original post.  To find the URL of a comment, click on the date the comment was posted.  This can be found next to the Like/Reply icons, and is usually gray text that says something like “8 hours ago” or “Tuesday at 10:10PM.”  See image below to see an example.

How to find Facebook Comment URL

What are some other ways we can improve our Facebook page?  Leave your comments below.  We’d love to hear them!

*Inappropriate behavior does not include pictures of animals/quotes. Those would just be non-relevant. These pictures will not necessarily constitute a deletion of points, however, they will also not be given extra points.