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These photos are proof that a Mom’s love transcends species.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa with my family for a Safari, and let’s just say it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. We spent about a week riding through the bush, observing the routines of an extremely … Continue reading

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15 Delicious Iced Coffee Recipes to Quench Your Summer Thirst

The days are getting warmer, and that hot cup of joe isn’t as enjoyable when it’s piping hot outside. But even though it’s getting warmer, that doesn’t mean we should stay any less caffeinated throughout our day – We still … Continue reading

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Show your pets some love today!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!  Today is a day to make sure you set aside some time to spend with your furry friends. You can give them extra treats, catch up on fun, take them for a walk, but most … Continue reading

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Ten Memorable QuiBids Wins from 2013

2013 has been a great year for QuiBids. We implemented updates to the bidding experience, like when we added the locking mechanism to auctions, or when we updated the Voucher Bid win limits to give more people more chances to … Continue reading

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The Cheesiest Products and Recipes for Cheese Pizza Day

Did you know that there are 350 slices of pizza eaten in America every second? That means that thousands of slices will have been eaten between now and the time you’re finished reading this blog post.  That’s a lot of … Continue reading

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How One Man Saved Over £5,000 on Brand-New Products

By QuiBids User Bryan T.- How It Began…. I first found Entertainment Auction websites as a result of a Google search for an Apple iPod Touch. I was looking to get one for my daughter for Christmas.  On the right-hand … Continue reading

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Healthy Recipes for Your New Juicer

Making your own fruit and vegetable juice can be a healthy and rewarding alternative to the sugary drinks that are currently available for consumption.  Regardless if you’re an experience juicer, or just starting out – we’ve searched the net high … Continue reading

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Just say “no” to third-party software

Is it okay to use third-party software on QuiBids? This seems to have been a hot topic lately on the QuiBids Facebook page – the use of third-party software.  Third-party software is essentially any software not associated with QuiBids that … Continue reading

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Fun and Easy Recipes for your New Bread Maker

So you got a brand new Bread Maker and now you’re ready to begin baking the best-tasting bread of your life?  We don’t blame you. But before you start scouring the net for great bread recipes for your new bread … Continue reading

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QuiBidder of the Week – Carrie G.

Congrats to Carrie G., the new QuiBidder of the Week! You may recognize Carrie from sharing this photo on Facebook last week, which she earned QuiBidder Points for posting. Go here to learn more about earning QuiBidder Points for following … Continue reading

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