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May 17

Check out 5 new QuiBids Badges

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


Remember when we introduced the 250th Bid Badge a little while back? Yeah, we agree, that was pretty awesome.

So awesome in fact that we’ve upped the ante with a slew of numbered bid incentives for QuiBids Badges, plus a bonus badge to celebrate the recent introduction of Global Auctions. And that means more Voucher Bids for you to get out and win our great selection of products!

Yup, we’ve got badges now for when you cast your 100th, 250th, 500th, 750th, and even 1000th bid with QuiBids. It’s like a built-in frequent user rewards program that you don’t even necessarily have to win auctions to qualify for — though we hope you would win at least something after casting a thousand bids in QuiBids auctions. If you get all the way there without winning an auction, then either you’ve been trying really hard to waste your money or we’ve failed you as a company. Here’s how many Voucher Bids you get for each milestone.

100th Bid Badge
—One Voucher Bid

250th Bid Badge
—Five Voucher Bids

500th Bid Badge
—Ten Voucher Bids

750th Bid Badge
—15 Voucher Bids

1000th Bid Badge
—25 Voucher Bids

Anyhoo, the objectives on those badges are all pretty straightforward. Some of the rewards may sound like chump change, but keep in mind that with all the other badges and various, super-easy ways to score free bids here, it adds up. And c’mon, winning stuff with a single bid on QuiBids is always possible. Just ask these 75 winners!

Also, you may recall that you have to go to My QuiBids in order to claim your badges and free bids. It’s under the My Achievements tab, but if you’re having trouble finding it, our QuiBids 101 page has a pretty helpful walk-through for you.

So stay tuned to the blog for more information on forthcoming site features and improvements! We’re always adding more badges and new ways for you to save money with QuiBids (like QuiBids Deals), and this is where we announce it!


  1. What happens when you have all of the new five badges like I do! I think you should get a reward just for that!!!!!! kellymontana