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Mar 04

Check the Blog for Bids in March!

Posted by Matt Carney under Contests

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This promotion has ended (March 2012)

So I’ve been running this here blog for nearly a year now and if there’s one thing I’ve learned for absolute certain it’s that posts that offer Voucher Bids for free —particularly posts that offer Voucher Bids for free near the top of the post— are the ones that draw the most pageviews. That’s not a bad or a good thing necessarily, just an observation. I feel like I’d be doing a bad job if I were just giving you opportunities for Free Bids all the time without also offering useful information that can help you spend your time and bids better on QuiBids. But I’d also feel like I’d be doing a bad job if we weren’t throwing out a big chance for you to win bids every so often too.

So we thought this month we might give you freebie-seekers a chance to line your pockets with Free Bids since that’s one of the big reasons you stop by here. So here we are announcing that we’ll be holding a contest called Check the Blog for Bids all month long! Here’s how it works:

  • There are three contests, one for this week, next week (March 11-15), and the following one (March 18-22). And because there’s an unlimited number of prizes, everybody can win each week’s contest.
  • Each contest works the same way: We’ll post a single-letter update each day, so at the end of each work week you’ll have five unordered letters.
  • Those five letters will spell out a QuiBids-centric code for you to unscramble and enter into the form that’s below. You might want to bookmark this blog post since you’ll have to come back to it each week to enter the code.
  • Enter the code correctly and you’ll earn yourself some Free Bids. But be sure to do it before the next week starts! The code will only work from Friday to Sunday the week that it’s issued.
  • Here’s your first (albeit unofficial) hint: Each code has a “Q” in it. (But where?! You’ll have to figure that out.)

It gets better. Enter the code correctly each week and you’ll be entered for a chance to win some sweet prizes on top of your Free Bids. Just what are they? I’m glad you asked.

Week 1 prize: a $25 gift card of your choice
Week 2 prize: a $50 gift card of your choice
Week 3 prize: an iPad Mini

Come back after Friday’s blog post and enter the code in the form below  Having issues?  Try this mobile-friendly entry form.

Monday’s letter


Week 1 Tuesday’s post

Week 1 Wednesday’s post

Week 1 Thursday’s post

Week 1 Friday’s post

Week 1 $25 Gift Card winner: Ronda H.

Week 2 Monday’s post

Week 2 Tuesday’s post

Week 2 Wednesday’s post

Week 2 Thursday’s post

Week 2 Friday’s Blog Post

Week 2 $50 Gift Card winner: Brandon T.

Week 3 Monday’s post

Week 3 Tuesday’s post

Week 3 Wednesday’s post

Week 3 Thursday’s post

Week 3 Friday’s post

Week 3 iPad Mini winner: Victoria K.

Have you figured out this week’s promo code?  Click the button below and tweet the good news!

Check out the official rules for each country below:
Official Check the Blog for Bids US rules
Official Check the Blog for Bids UK rules
Official Check the Blog for Bids AU rules
Official Check the Blog for Bids CA rules

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