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Dec 02

Cooking with QuiBids: QuiBids Trial and Error

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We’d like to thank everyone who participated in and submitted a recipe in the Cooking with QuiBids November promotion.  We received hundreds of submissions and had to filter through them all to come out with our winners.  Every recipe looked awesome and simply, well… delicious! Congratulations again to our Cooking with QuiBids winners!
Winners Recipes
Australia, Mira G. – Berry Indulgence
Canada, Darlene Y. – Strawberry Crepes
United Kingdom, Matthew F. – Pecan Pie
United States, Janet M. – Lomo Saltado

Runner Ups
Lisa H. – Mr. Turkey Cheeseball
Terri K. – Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes with Mascarpone Filling

We thought we’d have a little fun to see if we could re-create the winning recipes QuiBids style.  We had our Director of Public Relations and Social Media Specialist each prepare two of the winning recipes.  See their experiences below:

Director of Public Relations, Jill Farrand
I took the United Kingdom winner’s recipe; Pecan Pie, in addition to the Canadian winner’s recipe; Strawberry Crepes.  I thought it’d be simple enough and I really wanted to try to make everything the way each recipe instructed.  The outcome of my prepared cuisines was less than stellar.  I would probably rate myself a 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 on the Pecan Pie. (5 being the best)

Pecan Pie
To begin, the ingredients specifically called for a pie crust made out of ginger nut biscuits.  Although it sounds great, that was my first hang up.  I couldn’t find ginger nut biscuits anywhere (biscuits, cookies, nothing!), nor could I find them pre-made to bake. I came across some cinnamon biscuits but didn’t want to chance it.  So… I opted for the pre-made pie crust. L  Next, onto the rest of the ingredients.  The only other ingredient I had a hard time finding was muscovado sugar.  After Googling the sugar at our local Whole Foods, I learned that it is a much darker/courses/stickier of a brown sugar than anything we have here (in Oklahoma City, OK) and that I may have to visit a Williams Sonoma to get the ingredient.  Since I was pressed for time, I opted for an organic dark brown sugar that I was told would be a fine substitute.  I gathered the rest of the ingredients needed and headed back home to prepare the pie.

While preparing the pie, everything went smoothly.  The instructions mentioned to cook the pie at Gas Mark 6 for 40-50 minutes and to check on it often.  Gas Mark 6 in the United States is around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  No problem there, so I thought.  I told myself to check on the pie at 30 minutes into the baking… and I did.  However, when I opened the oven, smoke billowed out and I could tell the pie was quite, dare I say, well done.  So naturally I took it out and plopped it on the counter to cool.  I suppose some people like their food well done, right?  I also thought putting whipped crème around the sides could mask the burnt pie crust.

Winners pecan pie

Jill’s attempt

Strawberry crepes

were the next baking adventure. This was an easier recipe and one I thought I’d have fun with.  I do not have a crepe maker but thought I could work with a simple sauce pan and could flip the batter once the first side was cooked.  So, I prepared the batter and once poured into the sauce pan with the first side cooked, I flipped it successfully!  I felt like a true baker flipping the crepes from side to side.  After they were done, I put aside to cool and eventually cleaned everything up.

Winner’s crepes                                                                         Jill’s attempt
The real taste test would be the next day at the office to see what others thought.
Social Media Specialist, Blake B.

I was in charge of making the US and Australia winners’ recipes: Lomo Saltado and the Berry Dessert.  First, let me emphasize that my ‘cooking’ skills are far from perfect. I’ve never claimed to be a good cook so I may or may not have received assistance from my mother and wife when preparing these dishes.

Lomo Saltada
The Lomo Saltada wasn’t too difficult to make.  According to Wikipedia, Lomo Saltado is a Peruvian dish.  Wikipedia seemed to show slightly different ingredients than the recipe submitted by Janet, but we followed his recipe as close as we could.  After the Lomo Saltado was finished cooking, we dove right in.  The dish had a stir-fry feel, and it tasted outstanding.

Winner’s lomo saltado                                                              Blake’s attempt
Berry Indulgence
The Berry Indulgence is an absolutely delicious spring dessert!  If you’re a fan of berries, you will LOVE this tasty treat! It’s a very simple recipe that takes under 30 minutes to make. One of the main ingredients is mascarpone cheese, which is a cream cheese from the Lombardy region of southern Italy. This was my first time to try mascarpone cheese, and I can tell you now it will not be my last!  After the first bite, my taste buds felt like Christopher Columbus after he discovered America.  Columbus may have sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but now I can say that my taste buds discovered Berry Indulgence in 2011.  Thanks Mira for the wonderful recipe!

Winner’s berry indulgence                                                       Blake’s attempt
Check out our photos and compare them with the original submissions.  How do you think we did?  Do you see a QuiBids restaurant in our future?  Ok, so QuiBids is known for its online and entertaining auctions, not it’s baking or cooking capabilities.  But we tried.  That has to count for something, right?

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