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Mar 21

Customers love the beautiful canvas art on QuiBids!

Posted by Blake Brown under Products, Testimonials

Customer Photos - Canvas Art

Most people know that QuiBids offers all types of cool electronics and household appliances. But with the release of QuiBids Store back in November (and last month for Canadian bidders) we’ve expanded the assortment of products on our site. Go ahead and browse through the QuiBids Store and you’ll see what we mean. It can become a daunting task to keep up with all of the new cool stuff you can get, and it’s not uncommon for some new products to slip through the cracks.

One type of product that seems to stay under the radar is the beautiful collection of canvas art available on our site. We’ve noticed after some QuiBidders receive the canvas art they won they tend to post photos on QuiBids’ Facebook page and comment that the product images on our site “don’t do the artwork justice.” Below you’ll find what some people are saying about the canvas art on Facebook. Click the photos to go to the actual Facebook post so you can leave a comment and tell them how nice the artwork looks.

Click here see the Canvas Art on QuiBids

"Received several pieces of art today. They are much nicer than in the pictures. Love them . . . and you can't beat the price: $6.68 total (for the ones below and above)" - Cricket Yaya

“Received several pieces of art today. They are much nicer than in the pictures. Love them . . . and you can’t beat the price: $6.68 total” – Cricket Yaya


“I absolutely adore the Pup canvas.” – Cricket Yaya


Canvas Art on QuiBids

“Here’s my little Zen corner — my happy place (when I’m not bidding). Compliments of QuiBids for $4.84 — art, fountain, and plants (w/ gift card)” – Karen C.

Customer Photo - Canvas art on QuiBids

“At the risk of sounding repetitive, thanks once again Q! I finally collected all of the canvas art I was watching, and the last set arrived yesterday! I snagged Pinto’s Dragonflies (valued at $219.99) for $0.33 and 15 bids! Time to move on to my next project: renovating my 1/2 bath.” – Cricket Yaya

Canvas art on QuiBids - Customer Photo

I haven’t had much luck on the auctions today, so I decided to hang some of the art I won … “Karma,” “Tree of Life,” and “You Knew Me When”

QuiBids Canvas Art

“A few of the pieces that I have won: they looked good on the auction pages but even better in person!” – Catherine A.

Canvas Art on QuiBids

“Felt a little left out of the artwork collage…thought I should post the contemporary pieces I have received from QuiBids, via my sister :-)” – Denise A.

Have you won canvas art on QuiBids? Post a photo on our Facebook page so we can see how it looks hung up in your home or office.  Go here to check out the Canvas Art on QuiBids.

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