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Oct 10

Dress like QuiBids for Halloween and you could win five free 5X Gameplays!

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests

Dress Like QuiBids photo contest 2013

It’s that time of year again.  Pumpkins and candy bags are starting to appear in grocery stores, the weather is getting cooler by the week, and everything just seems a bit spookier than normal. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we thought it’d be a good time to have a fun little Halloween-themed contest to get you in the spirit.

From now until October 30, 2013, we want to see how well you can Dress Like QuiBids. To enter, submit a pic of you in your most creative QuiBids costume via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #DressLikeQuiBids.  You could dress like an over-sized price tag, a particular product we auction, our “Q,” the groundhog from Groundhog Hunting, or whatever else you can think of.  Have fun with it. If your photo is chosen as the winner, you’ll get Five FREE 5X Gameplays!

Yes you read that correctly: FIVE free 5X Gameplays. Think of how many bids you could win with that, and just in time for the holidays too!

How to submit your #DressLikeQuiBids photo.

Get your costume ready, put it on, and pose for a picture. Then submit it via either of the following methods:

  • Tweet your photo and include the #DressLikeQuiBids hashtag and include the title of your photo in the tweet. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter.

  • Post your photo on Instagram and include the title of your costume. Don’t forget the #DressLikeQuiBids hashtag, and make sure you follow us on Instagram as well.


You only have to enter using one of the methods above, but entering in multiple ways and more than once is totally fine with us. After you submit your photo just wait patiently for the winner announcement, which will be on Halloween (Thursday, October 31, 2013).

How is the winner selected?

A panel of QuiBids employees will determine the winning photo based on creativity, quality, and adherence to rules/theme. If your photo is chosen as the winner, you’ll get five free 5X Gameplays.

Need some inspiration?

We had a similar contest a couple of years ago and were very impressed with the creativity of our customers, and you can see some of our favorites below.  Feel free to use these ideas as inspiration when you’re creating your Q costume.

Turn yourself into a product

There are thousands of products sold on QuiBids every day, so you’re bound to find something that would make a good costume.  Here are some examples of people dressing like an item on our site.

QuiBids gift card auction Halloween costume

This one is pretty creative. Turn yourself into a gift card and slap a 1X GP icon on it and you got yourself a QuiBids auction! 

QuiBids Halloween Costume

Why not grab the whole family and make it a group costume? 

ipod halloween costume

This iPod Halloween costume was made using only cardboard, paint, and poster board. Simple. 

Dress Like an Auction Page

All you need is some cardboard and just a little artistic ability and you can turn yourself into a walking auction like these people.

quibids auction halloween costume

Glenn only sold for $0.04. What a deal! 

halloween costume quibids auction

This one is a girl/dog hybrid auction. 

Wear our logo

We all recognize the awesome QuiBids logo, but have you ever considered wearing it?  These people did — do you think they pulled it off?

QuiBids logo halloween costume

If you have a dress that’s half orange and half white, then you’re almost there. Just slap on some letters and viola! 

quibids logo as a dress

Don’t have an orange and white dress? Make one yourself like this crafty lady. 

QuiBaby QuiBids Logo Baby Costume

This one definitely broke the scale when it came to its cuteness level. 

When all else fails, carve a pumpkin!

Don’t consider yourself photogenic?  Or maybe you’re just really good at carving pumpkins.  Whatever the case, be sure to send in your pumpkin carvings as well.  You never know, your pumpkin photo could be the contest winner…

QuiBids Baby Pumpkin

If the logo is too hard to carve, try a Q. We know this is obvious but we feel it must be said. Please do not carve the pumpkin with baby inside. 

QuiBids Headless Horseman Halloween Costume

The headless Qui-Horseman! 

QuiBids Fan

This one must be a QuiBids Super Fan. 


QuiBids pumpkin beetlejuice halloween costume

QuiBeetlejuice, QuiBeetlejuice, QuiBeetlejuice! 

Already have a costume? Make a bidder version!

Sometimes we don’t have the time or resources to create a really awesome costume, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get creative.  If you already have a costume this year, just take a picture in your costume doing something QuiBids-related and add the word bidder at the end, for example: Vampire Bidder. We can’t guarantee that your pic will be a winner if you choose this method, but we won’t stop you from having fun with it, kinda like these people:

Stay Puft Marshmallow QuiBidder

Stay Puft Marshmallow Bidder 

QuiBids Ghost Bidder

A Ghost Bidder? 


Which of these QuiBids costumes do you like best? Tell us in the comments below!

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