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Jul 16

Featured QuiBidder – Catherine A.

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Did you know you can enter to become a Featured QuiBidder more than once? That’s what our newest winner, Catherine A. did.  Most people don’t have just one story, and every day can present a fresh opportunity to create new QuiBids story to share with the world.  What story would you like to share?  Tell us (and submit a photo) here.  Be sure to check out what Catherine has to say below:

QuiBids' QuiBidder

“This is a photo of me with my Mom. She loved to shop, but always had to forgo many of the things she wanted because of financial limitations. She would have LOVED QuiBids!” – Catherine A.

“Hmmm: how has QuiBids changed the way that I shop? Well, if Q auctioned groceries and lingerie, I would probably never move away from my computer! Besides all of the housewares I’ve won, like a deep fryer, roaster pan, lasagna pan, coffeemakers, and so many more, I’ve also won electronics, a camera, a camcorder, and enough gift cards to treat family and friends to restaurants for a long time! Anything else I need for my home is paid for with all the Home Depot cards! This is not a frivolous addiction: it is careful financial planning! So far, I have earned a 50% profit on my investment by teaching myself who to avoid and by studying the selling prices of items in order to gauge the best time to begin bidding. Patience and planning pays off on QuiBids! Thanks, QuiBids, for making the recession a lot easier to survive!” – Catherine A., Featured QuiBids’ QuiBidder

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