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Oct 23

Find the perfect dinnerware set to match your dining style.

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

Elegant Dinnerware on QuiBids

If you were to open your kitchen cabinets right now, what would you find? Most likely, you have some “everyday” dishes that hold a majority of your meals. Everyday dishes are usually less expensive, and usually one solid color – not very exciting.   Sure, these types of dishes are more economical. But they’re not necessarily the best option when it comes to entertaining guests or hosting holiday parties.

This is where we come in.  We want to help you wow your guests this holiday season with some truly elegant Pfaltzgraff dishware sets recently added to our product lineup. And remember, all of the products you see below come with Free Bids if purchased in the QuiBids Store.If you’ve got some time to spare and want to try to get a crazy good deal, try your hand at at winning one in an auction. You can see the auctions available by looking below each listing in the store.

Below are just a few of the dinnerware sets you can get on QuiBids right now. Click here to browse our entire collection.  Feel free to pin your faves!

Rustic Leaves

Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Rustic Leaves stoneware brings a vibrant, organic look and feel to your tabletop. Finely detailed twigs of leaves in natural tones of green, gold, and white climb the rims of the dinnerware. A prism of light sand and stone colors creates a backdrop to highlight the bold pattern, while each piece is complemented by a rich, dark underside. Buy now from the QuiBids Store for $69.99 and receive 7 Free Bids!

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Pfaltzgraff Napoli 16-Piece Dinnerware Set on QuiBids

Created by Pfaltzgraff’s in-house designer Kathleen McLane, Napoli is a subtly decorated, hand-painted collection that evokes the light and colors of the coast of Italy. Napoli’s soft palette of pale orange, yellow, rose, varying shades of blue and light green creates a bright, cheerful setting for any meal. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $90 and receive 9 Free Bids!

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The Napoli dinnerware sets are some of the more popular on our site.  Here’s what one customer said about their new dishes.

Napoli Dinnerware Product Review on QuiBids

Patio Garden

Patio Garden Dinnerware Set on QuiBids

Patio Garden has boldly styled flowers and vines that are silhouetted in a stencil-like rendering against a brushed sage green and cornflower blue fields. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $89.99 and receive 9 Free Bids!

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Nile Elegant Dinnerware Set on QuiBids

Strikingly contemporary Nile uses the interplay of thin and wide tiles to create a unique and colorful rim. The bold palette is a stunning addition to any table setting. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $79.99 and receive 8 Free Bids!

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Rio Dishware Set on QuiBids

Rio features a relaxed yet ordered arrangement of blue bands, from wide to pinstripe. As its name suggests, Rio evokes the spirit of the artisans and craftsmen of the Southwest. Buy Now from the QuiBids Store for $89.99 and receive 9 Free Bids!

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Which dinnerware collection is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and be sure to follow our Pinterest boards!