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Sep 13

Five stylish handbag auctions that ended under one dollar today.

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

Five great deals on handbags from September 13, 2013

Occasionally on QuiBids, you’ll see a trend with certain products ending lower-than-usual prices. We noticed one of these trends today (9-13-13) for our handbags.  We observed that auctions for these bags have been ending for less than one dollar fairly consistently throughout the day. We figured since these are pretty popular products, you might like to take note, or at the very least you can appreciate some amazing wins from your fellow QuiBidders. Feel free to congratulate them in the comments and don’t forget to pin/repin your faves!

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Five Deals on Handbags from September 13, 2013:

Michael Kors Medium Fulton Chain Hobo Bag

Cheap Michael Kors bag on QuiBids

This Michael Kors Bag SOLD on QuiBids for only $0.89 and it retails for $298.00. It was won by QuiBidder beebopbell after using only 36 Voucher Bids. That’s 99% savings!

Click here to start bidding on this Michael Kors handbag, or you can buy it from the QuiBids Store for $298.00 and receive 30 Free Bids!

Fossil Marlow Short Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Cheap fossil crossbody bag on QuiBids

This Fossil Crossbody Bag sold on QuiBids for only $0.35 with a Buy Now price of $149.99! It was won by QuiBidder AlwaysTopBidder after using only three Voucher Bids. That’s another one with 99% savings!

Like this Fossil Crossbody bag? Click here to start bidding on one, or you can buy it from the QuiBids Store for $149.99 and get 15 Free bids.

Neon Purple New Baby Bag from Kipling

There were three auctions for this Kipling New Baby Bag today that ended under a dollar! Check out the awesome deals below.

cheap kipling new baby bag on QuiBids

This Kipling Neon Purple bag sold for only $0.04 to QuiBidder nanabell10. It was won using only one Voucher Bid, and since the Buy Now price is $129.00, nanabell10 saved 99% on this bag!

cheap neon purple handbags

This Kipling neon purple bag was won by QuiBidder whazzup72 with 4 Real Bids. The auction ended at just $0.10. That’s 98% savings!

great deals on kipling bag

Can you believe $0.70 was the more expensive auction for this bag from September 13? This one was won by joanner3993 with 1 Real Bid. She saved 99%!

Looking at these ended auctions, it might be a good time to start bidding on a Kipling bag for yourself.  It also comes with 13 Free Bids when purchased from the QuiBids Store.


So there you have it – 5 truly outstanding handbag deals that all happened today. If you want to keep up with other deals happening on QuiBids, the be sure to follow @QuiBidsWins on Twitter or our Pinterest board below. We also love hearing about your wins.  So the next time you get a great deal on QuiBids, tweet about it using the hashtag #QuiBidsWins and you might even get a little retweet. 😉

We should mention that not all handbag auctions ended under a dollar today, and rarely do all auctions for a specific type of product end this low. This is why you shouldn’t rely soley on historical data when developing your bidding Strategy.  Do you have any additional tips you’d like to share?  Be sure to tweet your tip using the hashtag #QuiBidsTips, and don’t forget to follow @BiddingTips for even more helpful advice.