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Aug 07

Free Bids on Twitter

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Tips & Strategy


UPDATE (2017-02-03): The Twitter Contest is ending. Thank you for all who had fun with us on Twitter over the past few years.

UPDATE (7-2014): New ways to win free bids and gameplays

If you are a follower of QuiBids on Twitter, you may have noticed that we’re no longer doing the daily retweet contest for 50 free bids.  Instead of boring your followers with a retweet every day, we’ve started providing more interactive ways for you to win free bids on Twitter!

To participate in one of our #FREEBIDS contests, you must first follow @QuiBids.  Then, be sure to check your news feed frequently throughout the day (typically on Mondays – Fridays).

Like most people, you’re probably way too busy to constantly be checking Twitter for updates from QuiBids.  If you’d like to get a leg up on the competition with these contests, have our tweets sent to your phone as a text message.  To do this, simply:

  1. Log in to Twitter.
  2. Visit your Settings page.
  3. Click on the Mobile tab.
  4. Look for the area labelled Text Message Notifications.
  5. Check the box for Tweets from people you’ve enabled for mobile notifications to receive text message notifications any time a specific person Tweets
  6. Next, go to QuiBids’ Twitter.
  7. Click on the profile icon beside and select Turn on Mobile Notifications from the drop-down menu (pictured below)
  8. From the same drop-down select Turn off Mobile Notifications if you no longer wish to receive text message updates from QuiBids.


So what kind of contests will QuiBids host on Twitter?

Once you see the contest tweet from QuiBids, follow the instructions within the tweet to have your entry accepted into the contest. Here are some of the ways we’ve given away free bids lately:

Tweet us your #WinningFace.

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

Occasionally one of our #FREEBIDS contest tweets will ask you to show your winning face. A “winning face” is the overwhelming expression of happiness that a QuiBidder displays following a great QuiBids win. To participate, simply snap a photo of what your winning face would look like as soon as the clock hits zero and you’re declared the winner. Then tweet the picture to @QuiBids.

Rearrange Auction Order

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

We recently sent the above tweet to help QuiBidders better understand new features of QuiBids 2.0. For the time being, most of our contest will be variations of this. To participate in one of these contests, you must understand the new search and sorting features on QuiBids.  In the tweet above, we simply asked to arrange the auction home page to show “Summertime” products, which could be anything from grills to baseball gloves to beach towels. In fact, to do a search for grills, baseball gloves, and beach towels you would simply have to separate each search term with commas (pictured below).  Keep in mind you can use the Filter By, Display By, and Sort By options to narrow your search down even further. This information should come in handy for future Twitter contests.

search on quibids

We will also do a variation of this contest that requires you to “crack the code” by arranging voucher auctions in a specific order. For example, if we were to say “Arrange voucher auctions to read: ‘2525502525,’ you would simply arrange the voucher auctions as follows:

QuiBids voucher bid auctions

Or if the contest code was “50251001515,”the auctions should be arranged as so:

Pretty simple, eh?

So are you ready to win FREE bids!?  Follow QuiBids on Twitter NOW and stay tuned for the next contest tweet!