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Jun 08

Fun Friday: Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook…let the battle of post-game fashion senses begin!

Posted by Matt Carney under Contests, Events, News


While questions about just who leads the Thunder’s pack have died down this season — it’s the reigning three-time NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant, in case you were wondering — teammate Russell Westbrook’s been challenging Durant in another arena: the post-game press conference.

Both players have taken to sporting especially impressive outfits here in the playoffs, and the sartorial arms race hit a fever pitch during the Lakers series when Westbrook donned a polo-style shirt that probably doesn’t hang in many closets owned by grown men. Paired with a set of frameless, fire hydrant-red glasses, he looked like something out of a children’s cartoon.

Durant’s preferences skew a little more GQ, as the slender wingman tends to sport fancy sweaters and coats with pocket squares. Check out how his sensibilities compare to that of his fellow Thunder starter’s more comical style below.

A few more examples:

But the crazy thing is that — for all their love of fashion and competition — neither Westbrook nor Durant may even be the most swagged-out member of their own team. Because reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year James “Fear the Beard” Harden boasts an iconic hunk of facial hair that neither man can even approach. Combine that with a love for lurid colors, and you’ve got a strong dark horse candidate in an already heated race. Harden’s credentials:

Anyway, we mention all of this because we’ll be rolling out a promotion next week in honor of the NBA Finals, which our beloved Thunder are competing in for the first time!

Similar to the Super Sunday Showdown from earlier this year, a question will be posted on QuiBids Facebook Page asking your prediction for the NBA Finals.  If our fans make the right pick (the team with the most votes ends up winning the finals), then the following day we will post a promo code for FREE bids!

Additionally, QuiBids will be rolling out an NBA Finals Facebook app specifically designed to help you root for your favorite team in the championship by decorating your cover photo with lots of team-specific images and objects.  For example, here’s one we did with the QuiBids logo:

Keep checking our Facebook page and blog over the weekend for updates (we’ll know more once the Eastern Conference Champion is crowned).