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Jun 01

Fun Friday: Looks like you should’ve bid on our Zombie Survival Kit…

Posted by Matt Carney under Uncategorized

Photo via Sandy S. from Facebook

Is it the real-life dawn of the dead?

News outlets are reporting suspiciously zombie-like behavior all over the country, and we’re getting concerned for our customers. If you fear a zombie is at clawing at your window, please tear yourself away from any QuiBids auction you’re participating in and run!

Unfortunately we’re fresh out of the Zombie Survival Kits we auctioned off for April Fool’s Day, as well as this copy of Zombieland, but rest assured that we’ve still got plenty of advice for you when it comes to surviving in these darkened times when you can never be quite sure that your own cousin won’t try to bite your nose off.

Luckily, this blog post prompted some pretty good feedback from you QuiBidders on our Facebook, so we’re pretty confident that you’ve got what it takes to get by when the world gets overrun. We’ve listed our three favorite tips below:

From Bill Sterns: “Run faster than everyone else.
From Alex Garcia: “Always have a bag of Twinkies.
From Jody Mullinax: “Always wear your seatbelt!

Got any tips to add? Sound off in the comments.