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Apr 20

Fun Friday: The Thunder “Prepare for Battle”

Posted by Matt Carney under Uncategorized


We’ve made no effort to mask the fact that QuiBids loves our hometown basketball team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. They’re some of the coolest dudes around, both on the court and off, and they do awesome stuff for the OKC community! What’s not to love?

Naturally, when one of our employees caught this “Prepare for Battle” commercial during last week’s matchup between the Bulls and Heat last week, he was elated, if a bit perplexed by the sight of two of the Thunder’s best doing their nasty thing, juxtaposed against gigantic robot aliens and Hollywood stars. The video quickly made the office rounds, quickly achieving certified QuiBids viral-status, and left us all feeling much the same way, wondering just what two of our favorite basketball players have anything to do with a summer blockbuster based on a board game we haven’t played since childhood?

Yeah, Liam Neeson’s melodramatic message that “Heroes aren’t born, they are made,” got us really excited for the playoffs (and, we’ll admit, this summer blockbuster, too), but what do these two seemingly disparate pop culture elements have to do with each other? Our collective conscious demanded an explanation.

We’ve racked our brains and can only seem to come up with the idea that somehow, KD and James Harden squaring off is supposed to be a metaphoric extension of the “Battleship” battle that plays out between humankind and these interstellar intruders this summer. Or maybe that NBA players are to the rest of us what those scary machines are to Neeson or Rihanna.

And finally, if you turn the volume up high enough, you might just hear Durant shouting “G6!” as he sinks that fadeaway shot.