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Apr 22

Garden Hacks – Deep Water Your Plants

Posted by Valerie German under Gardening, Products

Garden Hack - Deep Water Your Plants

Want to help your plants grown a nice deep root system? Here’s a garden hack that not only helps your plants grow their roots, but helps prevent too much evaporation if you live somewhere really warm. The best part of this garden hack is it’s totally easy on the budget! All you need are empty bottles – like a soda bottle or a water bottle.

You’re going to want to cut or drill small holes on and near the bottom of the bottle. The larger the holes, and the more you cut, the faster the water will drain. Next, dig a hole big enough to bury the bottle so only the top is visible. Pack the soil back up to the open neck of the bottle and you’re done! Tip: If you want to slow down the release of the water you have a couple options. You can put the lid back on after you fill the container which will help slow it down. Or you can partly fill the bottle with coarse sand or soil.

As a bonus, this trick is also a handy way to give your plants water soluble fertilizer!

I used this trick in my garden last spring. The weather in Oklahoma can get quite hot and unless I got up super early I felt like I was losing more water than was soaking into my veggie garden. My tomato plants definitely seemed bigger and more healthy than the year before. I can’t guarantee it was due to this trick, but I like to think it definitely played a part!

Garden Hacks - Deep Water Your Plants

Gardening Tools Help

It’s never too early to start getting together the tools you’re going to need this Spring in your garden! Here are a few offerings we think you’ll love!

Picnic Time Garden Caddy

Picnic Time Garden Caddy

The Garden Caddy is like no other novelty gardening gift item you will find. It’s an outdoor garden basket that has a stationary aluminum handle onto which a durable and expandable polyester body is sewn. Four individual pockets strategically sewn onto the expanded exterior of the basket hold four convenient gardening tools that don’t get in the way when the basket is folded. Fold the base panel upward, and the basket condenses onto itself for compact storage and portability. Gardening was never so convenient. Buy it now for $55.95 and get 6 Free Bids!

Trademark Home Garden Hose Storage Center

Trademark Home Garden Hose Storage Center

Easily store up to 150 feet of 5/8 inch hose on this wall mounted unit. Additional storage space for hose nozzles and other garden and lawn tools is available behind a hinged door on the front of the unit. Put your water hose in its place with the Hose House from Trademark Home Collection. Buy it now for $24.99 and get 3 Free Bids!

Sto-Away Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack

Sto-Away Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack

Cluttered garden tools can be dangerous and inconvenient. Not only can you burn precious daylight looking for a tool in an unruly mess, but worse yet you can take a rake to the face! Put your yard tools in their place and take control of your shed or garage. The Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack will allow you to save valuable space and keep your tools organized. Reclaim your garage or shed with the Sto-Away Collection Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack. Buy it now for $29.99 and get 3 Free Bids!

This article was written by Valerie, an admin for the Gardening With Children page. Gardening With Children is a Facebook page about having fun with your children. It focuses on spending time outdoors gardening, gardening related crafts and games, recipes filled with garden fresh fruits and vegetables, and building an appreciation of the world around us. Like their page to get regular updates!


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