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Nov 25

Get ready for Cyber Monday Madness on QuiBids!

Posted by Blake Brown under Events


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s why we are getting ready to celebrate with some crazy-awesome opportunities for you to get great deals and maybe even win some free stuff! On Cyber Monday this year (12-1-2014), we will host a plethora of free-to-bid auctions for popular gifts, give out free bids promo codes, AND kick off our annual “12 Days of QuiBids Giveaways” event! Keep reading for more details.

Free to Bid Auctions

Beginning around Noon CDT on Cyber Monday, you will start seeing free to bid auctions scheduled throughout the day on our site. Unlike our past free to bid (FTB) auctions for Gameplays, these auctions will be for real products and gifts that are in high demand this holiday season.

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What exactly is a free to bid auction?

Free to bid auctions are exactly as they sound. Bidding is absolutely free and it does not reduce the amount of bids in your account.  And if you are the last bidder when the timer hits zero, you win the item for free! Use your bids carefully, because each bidder is limited to just 5 bids per free to bid auction. Also keep in mind that to be eligible to participate in these special auctions, you must have purchased the starter bid pack.

How will I know which auctions are free to bid?

Free to bid auctions will have a star in the upper corner of the product image. Here’s an example of one you might see.

Free to Bid Auction Image

So to recap:

  • Bidding in a FTB auction does not reduce the amount of bids in your account. That’s why it’s called “Free to bid!”
  • Every person is limited to only five (5) bids per FTB auction.
  • The winner doesn’t have to pay the ending price.
  • Cyber Monday 2014 FTB Auctions are for US and CA bidders only.
  • To be eligible, you must have first purchased the starter bid package.
  • These auctions will most likely be highly competitive, so for better chances go into it focused with a clear strategy in mind.

Cyber Monday Promo Codes

Also on Cyber Monday, we will be giving away THREE different promo codes on Facebook and Twitter. These promo codes will be shared throughout the day on December 1, and they’re just our way of giving our customers a little extra help with their holiday shopping.  So don’t forget to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on these opportunities for free bids!

12 Days of QuiBids Giveaways

Finally, Cyber Monday will also be Day 1 of our annual 12 Days of QuiBids Giveaways.  Additionally, we’ll post a new promo code every day for each of the 12 days! So keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more info about this promotion as well.

As you can see, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to get great deals and even win big this holiday season (between 12-1 and 12-12, you can score up to 80 free bids with 15 different promo codes scheduled to release). So will you do your shopping on QuiBids this Cyber Monday? Take our poll below then tell us why or why not in the comments!