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Apr 11

Getting the most out of your QBar

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features

QuiBids QBar

So earlier this week we talked about the different things you needed to find consistent success on QuiBids  and one of those qualities was good managerial skills. Why is that?

Well since dozens of QuiBids auctions could end at any given time, keeping up with the ones you’re bidding on can be like swinging at baseballs in a batting cage where the pitch machine is on overdrive. Without a lot of practice and know-how, it can get overwhelming really fast.

But the good news is that we’ve installed a nifty dashboard called the QBar that follows you around at the bottom of your browser, so no matter where you go on our site you’ve got quick access to manage every facet of your account. Running low on bids? Stock up using your QBar. Wondering what else is coming up in your Watchlist? QBar’s got you covered. Curious to see how many Gameplays? Your QBar … you get the idea.

So that’s the gist of the QBar, that it’s your on-the-go dashboard, but in what sort of situations will it become especially useful for you? Here are a handful we’ve heard about from customers and observed on the site.

Situation #1: The mid-auction pick-me-up
Auctions go quick —especially auctions for less-expensive items, which can be a lucrative enterprise to trade in on QuiBids— so if you’re near the bottom of your stack of bids you’ve got to be able to replenish them quickly.

QuiBids QBar 1

Stepping into an auction lacking bids is sort of like stepping  up to the starting line of a 5K without training. So use your QBar and don’t get caught in a bad spot.

Situation #2: When you’re bidding for a long time
Let’s say you’ve got a whole afternoon to bid and you’re looking to max out your auction win limits. That’s a lot of auctions to keep track of, especially if you’re particular about the product. So use your Watchlist to know which ones are coming up on their deadlines, and also keep an eye on multiple auctions at once!

QuiBids QBar 2

Situation #3: When you just wanna have fun
The My Games tab on the QBar’s your quickest portal to play QuiBids Games, so make good use of it!

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