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Feb 01

Go Ahead, Laugh a Little

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As you all know, we have a daily question or ask for your comments on certain things every day on our Facebook.  If we choose your answer, you get 50 FREE bids.  Well, we recently had one of our daily free bid questions/statements: Tell us your favorite joke.  It sparked a lot of cute, funny and down right hysterical jokes.  We thought it’d be fun to showcase some of them here.  So go ahead and laugh a little! It’s good for the soul!
Winner of 50 FREE bids joke:
1.) Q. How do you wake up Lady Gaga??
A. Poker f…ace p p pokerface (poke her face)

Q. How does Lady Gaga like her meat??
A. rararaaa rararaaaa (raw)
Judi C.

2.) A police recruit was asked during the exam, “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?” He answered, “Call for backup.”  Pat B.

3.) Q: Why do fish like to swim in salt water?
A: Because pepper water makes them sneeze.
Raheel R.

4.) Q: What’s the shortest and longest sentence in the English language?
A: I do.
Rich H.

5.) A Skeleton walks into a bar and says: “Gimme a beer and a towel.”  Shana K.

6.) A man goes to the doctor for help. He’s having bad dreams. One night he dreams that he lives in a teepee. The next night, he dreams that he lives in a wigwam. The next night, it’s a teepee again. The next night, a wigwam. “What’s the matter with me, doctor?” The doctor replies, “Nothing — you’re just too tents.”  Melissa F.

7.) A guy walks into a bar. First thing he heard was “you look great”, “nice tie” “you’re handsome…” He asks the bartender who’s saying those nice things?  She said, “the peanuts… they’re complimentary. Paula M.
Interesting Observations:
8.) “Why is there pudding on a salad bar? I mean come on! Who is putting pudding on their salad?”  David K.

9.) “I bought a box of animal crackers and it said on it “Do not eat if seal is broken.” So I opened up the box, and sure enough…“ Aaron W.

10.) This one happened few years ago in Switzerland: A man went to a photo shop, had pictures taken, and while the photographer developed the pictures, he took off with the cash register.  Leaving behind, of course, the pictures of himself.  Will A.
There’s no particular order in which were the funniest – we just wanted to share some of the ones that caught our eyes.  There’s plenty more, so if you would like to check them out, click here. Enjoy!