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Apr 10

Here’s a bunch of stuff you’ll need for your next camping trip

Posted by Matt Carney under Products

Camping and Hunting Equipment on QuiBids

We’re a week and a half into April so most QuiBidders are beginning to see the usual round of spring storms as cold fronts give way to summertime. And now that all those pesky snowflakes have melted away the outdoors are suitable for full-on camping again, which is an excellent excuse to stock up on some nifty gadgets for exploring and enjoying what-all nature has to offer.

So let’s go on a little camping trip of our own here, sponsored by QuiBids. More specifically, sponsored by QuiBids’ Sports & Recreation category, which boasts a selection of stuff as varied and large as the great outdoors themselves. Here are some must-haves for your weekend on the lake, in the mountains, or out on a big hunting expedition.

Roughin’ it

Gerber Evo Jr. Serrated Edge Knife

QuiBids Outdoor Products Gerber Knife

A sleek pocket knife is your #1 camping necessity. This one by Gerber’s light and doesn’t take up much space but it’s strong enough to handle any outdoor task.

Pelican LED Headlamp
QuiBids Outdoor Products Pelican Headlamp

After a knife, a reliable flashlight’s #2 on the must-pack list. Why bother carrying one around by hand when you can just strap this one to your head and get stuff done after sunset?

Adventure Medical Kits 2.0 Adventure First-Aid Kit

QuiBids Outdoor Products First Aid Kit

If a tree falls on you in the forest and nobody’s around to hear, does it make a sound? Yes. It’s the sound of you writhing in pain because you didn’t bring a first-aid kit to treat your unfortunate tree wound.

Stansport Go Anywhere Chair

QuiBids Outdoor Products Stansport Chair

No chair legs? No problem! This guy’s as comfy as it gets for sitting around the campfire at night, and it even folds down for when you want to have an afternoon nap.

Gone fishin’

Stansport Waterfowl Motor Mountable Inflatable Boat

QuiBids Outdoor Products Stansport Inflatable Boat

If you’re fishing solo and not too far from the shore, this Stansport inflatable’s a useful alternative to dropping a couple grand on a motorboat. Just be careful with fishhooks around it.

Pelican Micro Case Waterproof Container
QuiBids Outdoor Products Pelican Micro Case

There’s no way quicker to ruin a fishing trip than to drop something in the water that wasn’t supposed to get wet, like a wallet or your sandwich. Keep your dry stuff dry with this nifty case by Pelican!

Adventure Products EGO S2 Slider Landing Net
QuiBids Outdoor Products Net

Sometimes the best gadgets are the ones that work simplest. This net by Adventure Products will help make sure you hang on to that fish after you’ve hooked it.

Humminbird 778c HD Fishfinder
QuiBids Outdoor Products Humminbird Fishfinder

How serious is your fish-finding game? Step it up with the Humminbird 778!

Stuff to help you when you’re killin’ stuff

Field Logic Block Glendel 3D Buck Archery Target

QuiBids Outdoor Products Field Logic Block

Before you start hunting real things it helps to practice on things that can’t think or move for themselves (they’re easier to find and hit with bullets and arrows). This awesomely proportional deer Field Block is ideal for the young hunter looking to sharpen his or her aim.

Ameristep Grizzly Climbing Tree Stand
QuiBids Outdoor Products Ameristep Grizzly Climbing Stand

This Grizzly Climbing Tree Stand by Ameristep isn’t for hunting grizzlies, as I’m pretty sure that’s illegal and ill-advised. But it will offer you a great vantage point on whatever smaller, less menacing critter happens upon your neck of the woods.

Barnett Ghost 400fps
QuiBids Outdoor Products Crossbow

I’m not much of a hunter so my experience with crossbows is limited to how Dale uses them to dispatch zombies on The Walking Dead. Something tells me that he’d dig this one by Barnett, which comes with a scope and an anti-dry fire metal injection molding trigger system.

A weekend on the lake

Kelsyus Floating Cooler
QuiBids Outdoor Products Kelsyus Floating Cooler

Can we agree that coolers are inherently awesome? Well if that’s the case then this is the awesome-est cooler since it can go with you out on the lake. One more awesome thing about it: The can holders are numbered. How awesome is that?

Intex Ball-Dartz Game

QuiBids Outdoor Products Ball Dartz

Because water polo is flippin’ exhausting. This game looks much easier and more fun, and you don’t need 14 people to field two teams.

Pelican 45-Quart Elite Marine Cooler
QuiBids Outdoor Products Pelican Marine Cooler

This hunk of hardware is only for lake-dwellers who are serious about relaxing. It’s got 7-10 days’ worth of ice retention and two inches of polyurethane insulation.

Radar Galaxy Tube with 6K Tube Rope
QuiBids Products Radar Galaxy Tube

When it comes to towing people behind a boat at high speeds, the Radar Galaxy Tube’s got the biggest thrills. And the most handles. 25 by my count!

Sevylor QuikPak K3 Covered Inflatable Kayak
QuiBids Products Sevylor QuikPak Kayak

Like kayaks, except for the part where your legs are stuck down inside the boat? Then give this sit-on-top version a try!

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