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Apr 25

Here’s how to start winning auctions on QuiBids

Posted by Matt Carney under Tips & Strategy

Get started on QuiBids

Looking for a guide from newbie to pro on QuiBids? Look no further: We’ve broken it down into three phases for you.

Phase 1: Sign up

You can’t start winning auctions without a QuiBids account! Here’s how to sign up and register your credit card, since QuiBids is a pay-to-play site.

Step 1. Go to and click Join Now in the top-right corner of the page.

Step 2. Congratulations, you are now on our super-attractive landing page! Scroll down to the part that says Sign Up Today to Start Winning! and fill in your name, email address, home country, and create a QuiBids username and password.

Step 3. Continue on to the payment page and fill in your credit or debit card information. $60.00 will be charged to your account and you’ll be ready to start bidding on QuiBids with your first batch of 100 Real Bids!

Phase 2: Getting the feel for it

So you’re all signed up now but you’re still not 100% certain how the auction process works or how to find the products you want. Take the following steps from here:

Step 1. Take a while to just watch some auctions. It’s free and you’ll pick up on the auction’s pace and start to develop your own strategies for winning them. Watch auctions for expensive products and for cheap products and take note of details like the type of bids (Real Bids or Voucher Bids) customers are using.

Step 2. Read up! QuiBids 101 (particularly the articles on common beginner  mistakes to avoid and how Buy Now works) and the QuiBids blog (particularly these 25 QuiBids Tips)

Step 3. Shop around! Scroll through our pages and pages of live auctions or search for products by category in the QuiBids Store.

Step 4. Once you think you’ve got the hang of it, jump into one of QuiBids’ Beginner Auctions! They’re usually for smaller products and you’ll only be competing against other beginners. With Beginner Auctions the stakes are lower, so it’s a good place to experience firsthand how auctions work.

Phase 3: Become a pro

Becoming a regular and accomplished QuiBidder doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re constantly winning huge auctions all the time, though it could. What it means is that you understand how the site works, enjoy it, and win enough stuff to make it worth your time and money! Here’s how to keep walking down that path after you’ve gotten the basic hang of things.

Step 1. Like us on Facebook! We’re always sharing useful tips and giving away chances to win Free Bids on the QuiBids Facebook page. And if you’re on Twitter too, you can follow us at @QuiBids. In fact, the Top QuiBidders on Facebook earn Gameplays each month.

Step 2. Hit the books harder. Those basic “25 QuiBids Tips” posts are for newbies. Start hitting up the more advanced stuff like 9 things to know when you’re hunting for a big item on QuiBids and Using auction statistics in your QuiBids strategy!

Step 3. Lastly, share the love. Share your big wins with us on Facebook ‘cause we love to see happy customers!

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