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Oct 04

Hit the links with QuiBids for National Golf Day

Posted by Blake Brown under Products

The best-selling golf equipment on QuiBids

Do you like to play golf, or know someone who does? The golf equipment and accessories product category has been one of the most sought-after types of product on practically since we started. Maybe it’s because the golf stuff always selling to end at super-low prices, like this Callaway X Hot Driver that sold last month for only $0.03. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that QuiBidders like bidding on golf merchandise.  So since today is National Golf Day, we figured we’d take some time to let you know about all the golf gear you can get on QuiBids right now.

If you follow our Golf Pinterest Board, some of the pins below might look familiar to you. If you see any you want to save or remember for later (Christmas is coming up, hint hint), be sure to pin them to one of your personal boards so you can always have it to go back to later. If you want to see the products on QuiBids, just click the pins to be directed to the corresponding product page.  As always, all of these products come with Free Bids when you buy them from the QuiBids Store.

Click here to start shopping for golf stuff on QuiBids right NOW!


You can’t have an effective long game without one.  Below are some of the more popular drivers you can find on QuiBids.  Don’t see what you want? Click here to browse more drivers.

Fairway Woods

You can never go wrong with a good fairway wood or hybrid in your repertoire.  Click here to shop for on on QuiBids.


Whether you’re trying to pitch the ball 120 yards with minimal roll after the ball lands, or you want to chip one up on the green to get an easy one or two-putt, you can’t do much without an effective short game. Below are some of the more popular iron sets you can find on QuiBids.


Ahh putting. It’s one of the most important elements of golf, yet it can be one of the hardest to master.  To be good at putting, you need skill, patience, focus, and most importantly: A good putter.

Golf Balls

If you don’t have golf balls, you’ll be swinging for air all day long.  There are so many different types of golf balls, it’s important to find the right one for you.  There are even some that give you so much distance, they’re considered illegal! Click here to start shopping for golf balls on QuiBids now.

Golf Bags

Let’s face it. We all can’t have our own caddies, but we can have our own golf bags!  Click here to browse the golf bags currently available on QuiBids.

Everything Else

There are so many other products you can find on QuiBids that will help you step up your golf game, like rangefinders, practice equipment, attire and much more.

That’s it QuiGolfers! Remember to Pin your favorite golf merch, and follow our Golf Pinterest Board below! Happy National Golf Day!